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Looking For a Good Eye Cream?

New Clarins Double Serum Eye is a plant-powered concentrate that’s visibly different …

If you’re one of the many devotees of Clarins Double Serum – and there are vast numbers who swear by its skin-boosting qualities – you’ll welcome the new Double Serum Eye with open arms. Or should that be open eyes – since this new Global Age Control Concentrate formula delivers visible results on all aspects of the delicate eye area, from puffiness and dark shadows to lines.

Like the bestselling Double Serum, this new arrival features an innovative dual formula delivered via a unique double-vial dispenser. So you’re really getting two eye care products in one – imagine the tightening effect of a gel combined with the firming comfort of a cream.


Developed by Clarins Laboratories over three years of research – including the study of nearly 200 plants – this concentrate features a unique botanical line-up. It’s all about natural selection. Respect for nature is key to Clarins, and this new formula features 96 per cent ingredients of natural origin. It’s enriched with 13 plant extracts, including turmeric, for a double action on the skin’s five vital functions. Clarins chose this specific wild chervil extract (certified organic and responsibly harvested) due to its great ability to help skin regain strength and vitality. It is sourced in the Auvergne region and harvested by hand.


What does Double Serum Eye feel like to use? It’s as if you’re applying a serum and an hydrating eye cream simultaneously – tap it on around your eyes and it feels both refreshing and nourishing.

Refreshing and light to apply, Double Serum Eye offers a whole new way of treating your eye area. And it’s suitable for all ages and skin types, and even those with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers. The neat 20ml bottle – ideal for on the go and travelling light – has a double-vial pump dispenser that delivers exactly the right amount each time, so there’s no waste involved and you get the best results.


This little pump isn’t messing around. The dual formula packs a serious punch – it’s designed to deliver targeted results, from smoothing wrinkles and reducing puffiness and dark circles to strengthening, illuminating and protecting the delicate skin around the eye contour. In tests, on multi-ethnic women worldwide, 89 per cent found that they looked less tired (after a month’s use), while 90 per cent saw smoother skin around the eye area after just a week. The serum has a skin-shielding effect, too: Clarins’ exclusive anti-pollution complex helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of blue light.


An independent, family-owned company, Clarins takes its responsibilities seriously, from sourcing and traceability to considering carbon footprints. Their ethos: “Making life more beautiful also means passing on a more beautiful planet.” The company became carbon neutral in 2020, has committed to achieving plastic neutrality by 2025, and aims to obtain B-Corp certification in the next two years.

This isn’t a new focus, either. Clarins have long stood out from the crowd in terms of sustainability. When I spoke to Christian Courtin-Clarins, president of the company’s Supervisory Board, several years ago, he explained that Clarins was already considering its environmental impact across the board, decreasing wherever possible, such as reducing leaflets in skincare boxes: “Clarins considers waste and the environment on every level.” Responsible initiatives with Double Serum Eye include reduced packaging and recycled plastic in the bottle.

The upshot? Clarins Double Serum Eye is a way to upgrade to a naturally powerful all-rounder, vigorously tested, beautiful to use and responsible – and ensure you’re buying the best of beauty with your eyes wide open …

Clarins Double Serum Eye, €59, available at Clarins stockists nationwide and on Clarins.ie.


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