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Fresh Floral Decoration Ideas From Interior Designer Rebecca Roberts


Amp Up The Holiday Vibe With This Fresh Floral Decoration by Interior Designer Rebecca Roberts …

Even if you’re not straying too far from home, one way to create a sense of celebration this bank holiday weekend, is to bring the outside in with some seasonal scents and stems. Whether you find some cow parsley on walks along country roads, and some foliage and blossoms from the garden, Rebecca Roberts, creative director of Hedgeroe Home, explains how to create an organic arrangement.

For this arrangement I have used seasonal flowers, keeping to a white and green colour palette. I collected many of the elements while out on my daily walk. Cow parsley is in season and I’ve been using it in as many arrangements as possible for its delicate, whimsical feel. I also picked up some wild grasses and their hint of purple complements catnip – perfect for adding height too.

For greenery, I have used herbs from my garden for both colour and scent – in this case fennel and mint. I also recommend Angelica (wild celery), which has a lovely perfume and the most incredible structure. Other flowers I recommend are the deliciously scented white Endres’ cranesbill (from the geranium family) and Apache plume, which blooms in the spring with small white flowers followed by white and pink feathery clusters as it seeds. These work so well, adding texture and interest. Finally the stars of the show are the white lilacs – you only need about four stems.

Top Tip: Pick flowers in the evening or early morning (once the sun is gone) so the sap is at the bottom of the plant. Never pick flowers during the day as they will end up wilting. Lilacs need a lot of water so I always mash the bottom of the stems to allow more water to reach the flowers.

I prefer floral arrangements to be natural in appearance, and not too overdone, which is why I add lots of different textures. I have kept the lilacs short adding less blocky greenery as the taller elements. It’s also important to match your vase with the overall vibe you want to create. I designed this cut glass vase which is the perfect height for a coffee or dining table and gives a vintage feel complementing the traditional flowers too. For smaller bedside table arrangements, I designed a dotty cut glass vase.

Top Tip: If you are creating a table arrangement, remember that anything you are keeping as a taller element should be more transparent so as not block guests’ view.

To get more mileage from this arrangement I placed the original cut glass vase inside a white ceramic planter. This is perfect for a console table or anywhere you are looking to create more drama.

Top Tip: If you are creating a taller arrangement, you need to add weight at the bottom to prevent it from toppling. A sturdy planter or tall urn is ideal for this.

For further floral and styling inspiration from Rebecca, follow her on Instagram @hedgeroe_home and visit www.hedgeroe.com

Large Cut Glass Vase, €40, www.hedgeroe.com

White Ceramic Planter, €68, www.hedgeroe.com

William Console, €776, www.hedgeroe.com

Sydney Coffee Table, €647, www.hedgeroe.com


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