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4 weeks ago

Fragrant Gifts for Mother’s Day and Beyond


Spring is in the air …

There’s a scent to suit everyone in the new collections by L’OCCITANE. First, the Rose Calisson collection stands out in its eye-catching pink and red packaging, pretty yet chic. The scent is a celebration of the rose, with an intrinsically French twist: it’s inspired by the calisson, a traditional French candy infused with candied fruit and ground almond, topped with icing. So the fragrance is an elegant take on the classic rose but with a twist of warm sweetness. The Rose Calisson eau de toilette (€52) is an easy to wear light floral, with bright citrus top notes of nectarine and mandarin reminding us of warmer months ahead; floral notes of creamy sweet magnolia blend together with rosa centifolia, the Provençal rose, and rosa damascena, renowned for its delicate fragrance; and it’s all grounded with a woody note of cedar.

The Rose Calisson collection is eye-catching in your bathroom: complete the set with the Shower Gel (€18.50) and Body Lotion (€27), in fabulous cherry-red bottles. And don’t miss the innovative Perfumed Gel (€19), a neat mini tube of the lightest perfume gel to apply to your wrists throughout the day – a pleasurable ritual that gives you a lift.

If you prefer something more minimal, the Osmanthus eau de toilette comes in a clear glass bottle indented with trails of osmanthus flowers. The scent itself features a natural extract of osmanthus flowers that is responsibly sourced from Guilin, China. This chic scent has a velvety apricot texture and creamy woody notes. Crisp, light and airy, it has an air of positivity and sunnier days. The osmanthus flower is unique in that it blooms in autumn, releasing its unique scent when most flowers have faded, and this eau de toilette captures its creamy white sophisticated beauty.

For the men in your life, why not treat them to one of L’OCCITANE’s new scents. This collection of minimalist, distinctive and long-lasting eau de parfums, in understated minimal bottles, explores three categories of scent – woody, fougère and oriental.

The beautiful and sustainably sourced ingredients are the focal point of each scent; in fact one of the perfumers, Mathieu Nardin, is the grandson of the producer rose, jasmine and verbena for L’OCCITANE. Using unique patented extraction technology, the perfumers were able to capture unexpected olfactory properties of original raw materials, from violet leaves to precious orris, in a way that’s not possible using traditional extraction processes.

So if you’re drawn to something sunny and sea-inspired, consider Bois Flotté, a fougère (a scent category that smell green and “fern-like”): it’s refreshing with aromatic notes of French rosemary along with aquatic notes of Mediterranean red seaweed and a driftwood accord. It’s utterly transportive – close your eyes and you’re breathing in the Mediterranean air. For a warmer and richer scent, perhaps for evening, there’s oriental woody Karité Corsé – imagine roasted shea and almond, together with herbal French clary sage and sensual Mediterranean orris. And finally, Olivier Ondé is a woody aromatic blend of eucalyptus, French violet leaves and wood, inspired by the scent of olive trees after the rain. Fresh and green with an underlying sweet hit of violet, it’s bright and uplifting. €75 each.

The Rose Calisson Collection, L’OCCITANE Homme eau de parfums and Osmanthus eau de toilette are all available at

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