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Why This New Scent Collaboration Should Be On Your Radar


“Invisible design” is the idea that it’s not just what your home looks like that affects how you feel, but also other variants. These include functional and intangible elements such as lighting, sound, mood and atmosphere, which together can create a really emotive, interesting environment.

This concept was the starting point for an interesting collaboration between Ikea and Ben Gorham, founder of Byredo, the luxury fragrance and fashion house. Understated, using simple compositions of the highest raw materials defines the Byredo perfume collection. I’m a fan of Suede – especially the hand and body lotion, the application of which is a daily luxury that transports me to a counter in Liberty, where I first discovered the fragrance.

With Ikea, Gorham has developed a range of thirteen scented candles called Osynlig, the Swedish for “invisible.” The collaboration, however, was never about making a scented candle rather it was about encouraging people to tap into memories and abstract ideas.

Gorham explains: “Smell is a very relevant part of the home, and it creates a sense of comfort and security. We’re trying to develop a ton of smells enforcing the idea that everyone has a different relationship to it, and nothing is right or wrong.”

The collection is divided into three bases – floral, woody and fresh – and has been designed to blend together or work as a standalone fragrance. The bonus? Osynlig brings a high-end scent making process and the concept of invisible design to a wider audience. With prices starting from just €6, it’s a little affordable luxury I look forward to adding to my home.

Osynlig collection will be available in-store and online from November 1; www.ikea.com.


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