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As we emerge from a long winter, our skin can look dull and tired. And making the very best of our skin can have a positive impact. “Feeling better about your appearance boosts confidence which improves performance socially and in the workplace,” notes Professor Caitriona Ryan of the Institute of Dermatologists, a centre of excellence that opened last year, bringing the safest and most effective treatments in medical and cosmetic dermatology to Dublin.  At the Cosmetic Suite, you’ll find the latest technology in facial treatments, with no surgery and minimal downtime, as well as body contouring, fat reduction and cellulite treatment.

But how do you know where to start? The first step is to discover what your skin really needs. Vectra analysis addresses all aspects of your skin, from tone to texture and structure. And it means every treatment will be individually personalised.


You’re conscious of… skin texture and tone, sun damage, dark spots, rosacea or scars.

Photofractional rejuvenation is a double laser procedure that is exclusive to the Instititute of Dermatologists. It combines IPL Photorejuvenation with fractional laser: using pulses of light, IPL targets irregular pigmentation and blood vessels to improve skin tone, while the fractional laser works on the deeper layers of the skin to improve texture, lines and wrinkles.

You’re conscious of… lines, sagging skin, dark circles around the eyes, acne scars and even thinning hair.

PRP Platelet-rich plasma is a widely used method involving injections extracted from the patient’s own blood, and is suitable for all skin types. BEST FOR: Growth factors in the plasma kick-start collagen and elastin production for a plumping effect in the skin.

You’re conscious of… loose skin on the neck, sagging chin and jawline and lowered brows, or lines on the chest area.

Ultherapy is a super-precise ultrasound treatment that stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, thus creating a natural lifting effect, with no surgery or downtime.

You’re conscious of… Stubborn fat around the waisline, neck, upper arms and thighs.

ZLipo ZLipo Cryolipolysis is a fat-freezing treatment designed to shift that exercise-resistant stubborn fat. It targets the fat depots to reduce them permanently and non-invasively. Combine it with ZWave, a shockwave action to tighten loose skin.

You’re conscious of… dull, grey skin. Or you have a big event coming up …

Dermaplaning This mechanical exfoliation process gently removes the outer layer of dead skin cells to reveal smoother brighter skin. And it can be done in your lunch hour. At the Cosmetic Suite, we combine dermaplaning with Biologique Recherche skin treatments to create tailored facials – the ideal treatment before any special event.

Book a consultation with our highly trained team of experts to ascertain which treatments are most suitable for your needs.

Institute of Dermatologists, 10 Pembroke Place, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4; 01 912 3030; www.instituteofdermatologists.ie


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