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This Facialist Holds The Secret to Sienna Miller’s Enviable Skin


I don’t usually get round to using facial tools or gadgets – even the old gua sha is buried in a drawer by now – but I’ve been trying out Teresa Tarmey’s patented Cryoball, a genuine red carpet regular. Tarmey, with more than 20 years’ experience, is facialist of choice to the most radiant-skinned in the business, including Sienna Miller, Julianne Moore and Charlotte Tilbury.

Her at-home microneedling kit is a bestseller on Net-a-Porter, but for those avoiding even these tiniest of needles, this ball of ice could be an alternative. Keep it in the freezer, apply some serum and you’re off – the trick is to roll it upwards on your face. You’ll find it magically sculpts cheekbones, refreshes the skin and generally wakes up your skin. You may have creams at home with “sculpting” in the title, but what they can do is minimal and more about hydrating and plumping than anything else.

If you’re heading for a night out, this genuinely does give you a lift – in an ideal world, Tarmey herself would be wielding it, though that can cost from £280stg an hour – but it’s quick, easy and effective to use at home too. Whenever you’re getting the frozen peas out, give this a zip across your face – as a believer in the benefits of cold sea swimming (and it’s pretty icy this time of year), I reckon this does the same for your skin: a quick-blast treatment that peps up and helps circulation.

Tarmey isn’t the only ice queen; Lisa Eldridge uses ice facials on models tired from constant flights, and who hasn’t read about Kate Moss plunging her face into a sink full of iced water. It’s the equivalent of a morning espresso for your skin. You can also try a Cryo facial at www.southwilliamspa.com (€100, 60 minutes). We’re hoping that Tarmey will be in Dublin more regularly this year – watch this space … 


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