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The Luxurious New Way to Deal With Dandruff

The Kérastase Symbiose range gets to the root of the problem …

Dandruff is not the most glamorous subject. But it’s one that’s relevant to many of us. Some 45 per cent of women surveyed by Kérastase have scalp concerns, with 21 per cent saying they have dandruff. With around one in five women experiencing dandruff, hair experts Kérastase want to open up the conversation …

“Dandruff is a scalp condition – flaking and scaling are the end result of issues with the scalp,” explains Professor Eleanor Higgins, consultant dermatologist with special interests in Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology. An accumulation of dead skin cells forms a visible build-up on the scalp’s surface. “The scalp is prone to dandruff because of the type of skin there – it’s thicker, with more hair follicles and oil glands. This environment allows yeast cells to proliferate, which can lead to dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis.” Triggers can range from hormonal changes to stress and external aggressors, product build-up, or using the wrong shampoo.

Dandruff treatments have always been pretty unappealing – rather medicinal or masculine. But the new Symbiose range from Kérastase takes a glamorous approach to helping to manage dandruff. Combining exceptional results with a sensorial haircare ritual, this is an anti-dandruff solution that both cares and treats. As Kérastase Education Manager Sarah Ball explains: “Your hair is your key accessory. So we were adamant that there should be no compromise on texture and sensoriality – we designed Symbiose to be colour-safe, a pleasure to use, and to deliver long-term relief and efficacy.” Its unique fragrance of mandarin, blood orange and jasmine adds to the luxury experience.

We’re increasingly seeing the “skinification” of haircare – reminding us to care for the skin on our heads as well as our face. The Symbiose range features active ingredients that we recognise from skincare: here, salicylic acid helps to dissolve flakes on the scalp; Bifidus, a bacterial prebiotic, helps to rebalance the scalp; squalane helps hair to retain moisture; and Piroctone Olamine is an effective anti-dandruff ingredient. “The formulations contain actives designed to deliver a 360-degree anti-dandruff efficacy,” says Kérastase Scientific Advisor Bruno Zavaglia.

Ciarán Purcell, Brand Experience Director of Peter Mark, has been road-testing Symbiose in salon for some time. “Scalp health is key, and scalp issues and dandruff need to be managed on a consistent basis,” he notes. “Many of our clients would be struggling with oily or dry scalps, dandruff and even psoriasis. I’ve found the Symbiose products feel lovely and smell great – and they work on both the scalp and the hair at the same time.”

A closer look at the range:

1 Peel & Prepare

First step is Symbiose Micro-Peeling Cellulaire (€39.60), a pre-shampoo exfoliator to prep the scalp for treatment. This micropeeling gel with 1.9 per cent salicylic acid helps to exfoliate the scalp without stripping hair, breaking down product build-up and dissolving dead cells and flakes.

2 Bathe

The two Symbiose shampoo balms help to reduce the proliferation of bacteria, removing visible dandruff and flakes on the scalp while gently cleansing sensitive scalps. Bain Purete Anti-Pelliculaire is a purifying formula for oily scalps; Bain Crème Anti-Pelliculaire is moisturising, for dry sensitive scalps. Both are in recyclable bottles made with 95 per cent recycled plastic.

3 Care

Symbiose Fondant Apaisant Essentiel is a creamy conditioner for sensitive and dry flakey scalps, helping to moisturise and detangle hair, while treating with salicylic acid and Bifidus. “You can use the conditioner on both scalp and hair lengths as it offers hydration for the scalp,” notes Sarah Ball.

For more damaged hair that’s prone to breakage, nourish the hair fibre with buttery Masque Revitalisant Essentiel with Salicylic Acid + Squalane, a leave-in mask designed to deliver maximum hydration.

4 Treat

The hero of the Symbiose range is overnight anti-dandruff serum, Serum Cellulaire Nuit Anti-Pelliculaire Intensif. It’s the hero as it contains all three key active ingredients: Piroctone Olamine, salicylic acid and Bifidus. It’s an innovative leave-in serum to apply before bed for intense renewal. “For ongoing maintenance, incorporate the Night Serum into your existing hair routine – use three times a week over a month,” advises Sarah Ball. “To really tackle dandruff and scalp problems, a two to three week focus with the full Symbiose regime should get you to maintenance level.”


Head to a Kérastase salon for a full consultation and to try the products for yourself. Ciarán Purcell recommends: “Do ask for a scalp specialist when you book your hair appointment.”

Kérastase Symbiose, from RRP €30.15 at and Peter Mark salons nationwide.


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