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1 month ago

Say Goodbye to Scented Candles and Invest in an Irish Diffuser Instead


Modern Botany, based in West Cork, is one of our favourites (and accordingly featured in our The GLOSS Irish Beauty Box; see here). If you haven’t yet converted from your environmentally unfriendly can of anti-perspirant to their all-natural deodorant – a light, naturally fragrant spray deodorant that works – you’re missing a trick. I was initially sceptical – I’ve tried paste deodorants previously in an attempt to ditch the aerosols, but find they can be messy (and, as one tester found on a camping trip, liable to melt if it’s too warm …). I prefer a spray, and this one by Modern Botany is a pleasure to use while being environmentally-friendly/recyclable. You can get a travel-size for €15 – and you won’t look back.

Anyway Modern Botany have just added a nebulizer to their range. And since we’re at home all the time, this is good timing. It’s a water and heat-free way of diffusing essential oils into your room. Far longer-lasting than any candle, it’s the neatest way of making your home smell lovely (no more wafts of wet dog or the teens’ pot noodles). And MB’s signature oil blends are well worth trying, especially Forest Bathing, a crisp outdoorsy blend with silver fir and pine needle – a literal breath of fresh air compared to your usual “home fragrances”. Diffusers can often be too large and too ugly, but this one is small and neat (in bronze or white), and you can use a phone charger socket which is handy. It’s easy to use and to refill, and will last endlessly, though I do find it a bit noisy when it starts up, which slightly goes against its calming qualities. It’s undeniably the most low-maintenance and unobtrusive we’ve tried out, however. €90 at, with one signature Aroma oil blend.

For another small diffuser I really like the cute MAËL one (€53), which comes in lavender and lots of bright colours, available from and – and check out both sites for excellent oils to drop into which ever diffuser you choose. Honestly – no one needs another Jo Malone candle (we love Lime, Basil & Mandarin as much as the next person, but sometimes you need to think of a new gift idea). All these will last longer than any candle, and support Irish businesses too.


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