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It’s Time To Organise Your Kitchen Space

Let’s get organised – these little changes will help you get into the swing of things this September …

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Organising your kitchen space does not need to require a huge renovation – sometimes it simply means making a few tweaks to ensure you are using your existing space as effectively and practically as possible to really get the most out of it. With these tips and tricks you can get your kitchen in tip top shape for the back-to-school madness. The first very important port of call before you start your September organisation is to understand how you actually use your kitchen. We all use our kitchens differently and the way you and your family, or your partner or your pets – whoever you live with – will determine how you layout, organise and enjoy your space. Here are some suggestions to get your kitchen space running smoothly…


If you have extra storage room or countertop space – use it wisely. Set up a breakfast station for those bustling mornings and you will never look back. On a busy Monday morning those extra ten minutes in bed are precious and you will grant yourself this if you have all of your morning essentials in one area. Grab it, scoff it and go! It also creates less distraction for the little ones in the morning, if the WHOLE kitchen is not at their fingertips.


Whether it is a breakfast nook or a small table set up in the corner, a designated area to sit down at with your coffee to enjoy the morning sun before you dart off to do the school run will become your favourite spot. This is the spot where you can organise your mind! Maybe you will fill in the family calendar, file letters or jot down your shopping list for the week. Of course this may not suit your lifestyle or kitchen but if you can devote an area for all the day-to-day admin that inevitably builds up – you will not regret it.


Whether you keep them on display or tucked away neatly in your pantry – clear jars are perfect for putting your fresh produce into. They will help you know exactly what you have in store. It is a time-saving, no-food-wasting, life-hacking organisational step. Even better if they’re labelled! You’ll find a great variety of jars in Ikea.


It doesn’t cost much to have all of your kitchen accessories on display. Insert a steel rail for utensils to keep things organised and easy to access. Having essential kitchen utensils quite literally at your fingertips means meal prep is quicker, and your utensils won’t suffer any damage from knocking around in (overstuffed!) drawers.


An alternative to the steel rail is a wooden rack with hooks. Depending on the aesthetic of your kitchen – this could be a great addition to the wall above your countertop. @lucycall


If you have deep drawers – and your dishes are not in them – put them there! This speeds up serving time in a major way and keeps things clean and un-chipped. If you’re at planning stage, building in deeper drawers to your kitchen plan is a clever way to increase storage space.


O’Connors of Drumleck offer a service to kit out your drawers with built-in dividers for optimum convenience, and they look great too. If you already have your kitchen drawers – find out their measurements and purchase a nifty drawer divider that will suit your kitchen (and the way you work in it). Whether it is for large utenisils, small utensils…man drawer – you know what kind of organisation you need and here are some of our suggestions:

This expandable bamboo drawer organiser allows the tray to fit in any variety of cutlery drawer; Expandable knife drawer organiser; Plastic cutlery tray;


This step will make you want to food prep. When many of us purchase a new fridge, we are inclined to stuff it. It can be very hard with a busy life to use the fridge in the most ergonomic way – especially when feeding the masses. With simple additions like clear drawer inserts or effective glassware boxes – you can see what you have in store, meaning you should have less food waste. These clear drawers are perfect for organising exactly what you have; Image; @chicly_organized


Keeping your spices on display is a game changer – especially if you are a keen cook! Whether you keep them in a drawer with a suitable divider, in a pantry or you line them up on floating shelves – as long as the spices are visible, ordered and clearly labelled – your mealtimes will be more manageable (and flavourful).


A rack or rail is a very effective method for organising pots and pans. It is not a major undertaking – you can simply add the rail over your stove or on an empty wall in your kitchen – just make sure it’s placed where no one will walk into it! Select your five or six most used pots and pop them up. They will be always ready to go and you no longer have to stuff them forcefully into a packed press. @jerseyicecreamco

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