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Cool, Wet, Windy: 9 Outfit Ideas That Feel Summery In This Unpredictable Weather

it’s set to be a week of unpredictable weather. what will you wear? Let the below looks inspire your wardrobe choices …

Main image: Instagram @lavestelaveste.

The mix of full length trousers and a denim jacket here suits rainy weather – although we’d trade the mesh shoes for a pair of classic ballet flats. 

Let a statement sun hat brighten up drizzly weather. It’s no replacement for an umbrella if it’s really pouring down, but it will add something to your look! 

Layer a jumper around your shoulders and accessorise with a baseball cap à la Alexa Chung at Wimbledon.

Trade sandals for (on trend) trainers. Match your socks to your trainers, too. 

A feminine cropped jacket is the perfect cover-up if the temperature drops.

Opt for a summer knit if it’s not too humid. The more colourful, the better. 

A ballet length skirt and knit combination is a more covered up alternative to T-shirts and mini lengths. The full skirt shape feels very now. (Read our guide to summer skirt trends here.)

Grey outside? Wrap up in a bomber jacket, the perfect summer coat.

If you are back in trousers, go with a pair of laissez faire cargo pants – they’re the ‘it’ style of the summer.

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