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Change Your View With These Affordable Artworks By Irish Artists

We’ve been staring at the same walls for ten weeks now (and counting) and some might be thinking it’s time to transform the view – either with a new paint colour or painting.

For art lovers itching to get some visual inspiration, news that some galleries are starting to open as of next week is particularly exciting. For example, Solomon Fine Art’s Summer Group Exhibition opens from June 8 – 29 and is always a great place to see a vibrant range of paintings, prints and sculpture. It has an online viewing room too where visitors can browse and purchase as well as new features to help you choose artworks for the home. Olivier Cornet Gallery is hosting a special Bloomsday 2020 group exhibition (from Tuesday June 16) featuring new work by its stable of gallery artists including Miriam McConnon, Kelly Ratchford, Aisling Conroy, Mary A Fitzgerald and Nickie Hayden. Its newly-launched 3D virtual space allows visitors to view pieces at leisure.

If you are thinking of investing – and in a recession it’s art and handbags apparently which hold their value most – remember the following rules. “Buy what you like first and foremost,” says Denise Donnelly, owner of The Doorway Gallery. That should be a given, but is not always the case – many buy artworks to match their sofas when really they should take their decorating cue from paintings.

However, you may not have to buy anything new, believes interior designer Rebecca Roberts, creative director of Hedgeroe Home. “First, try moving around favourite pieces in your home. Sometimes by simply moving a piece to a new position you will give the room a new lease of life.” Roberts also suggests grouping favourite pieces to create a collection, which can update and add impact to entrance halls, bedrooms or living rooms. She adds, “Grouping objects as well as artworks on your shelving units can also create drama and interest. Look at investing in some vases and sculptures to add to your collection – both are often inexpensive.”

Remember too, says Donnelly, “Galleries will often deliver artworks to your home and leave them for a couple of days. It’s important to see artworks in different light, both morning and evening.” Donnelly also suggests deciding on a theme for a room. “Do you want a happy place with brightly coloured paintings like those of Lucy Doyle, or do you want to create a more meditative atmosphere with figurative artworks by Trudy Good or Catherine Creaney?” Donnelly has helped to provide art for portrait rooms and those with animal obsessions – from hens to horses. My own preference is for abstracts and florals; I’ve come to believe that art should be hanging on my wall not in my wardrobe!

With Father’s Day coming up, a unique artwork can make for a meaningful, thoughtful gift, especially as a commission. With so many families being apart, a group family purchase might be something a little different too. We are fortunate that the Irish postal service is working very efficiently and a gift such as this, will travel well …

Another Blue Day XVII, Bernadette Madden, €450 Solomon Fine Art;

Heavens had Opened, Tracy Sweeney, €450;

Dark Shaded Forest, Virginia Dooley, €320, The Doorway Gallery;

Skate, Lisa Woods, €375;

April Garden, Frances Ryan, €500 Solomon Fine Art;


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