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An Indian Summer at Kildare Village

Readers of THE GLOSS attended this exclusive panel event with Beauty Editor of The Gloss, Sarah Halliwell and Sonia Deasy of Pestle & Mortar in conversation with author and journalist, Vasudha Rai … 

Last Saturday morning we gathered at the intimate, luxurious private events space, The Apartment, in Kildare Village for a special beauty and wellness event. Sonia Deasy, founder and CEO of Irish skincare brand, Pestle & Mortar, was in conversation with Vasudha Rai, one of India’s most respected voices in the wellness and beauty industry. Over fresh mango juice and delicious canapés, these two inspiring businesswomen talked skincare, Ayurveda and daily rituals to help to make life more balanced. Special guests included Mrs Reeti Mishra, wife of the Ambassador of India. This week (August 15) marks the 76th anniversary of the Independence Day of India.

Sonia Deasy, Mrs Reeti Mishra, Vasudha Rai and Sarah Halliwell.

Journalist and author Vasudha is based in Delhi. Her book, Ritual (Penguin India) outlines ways to incorporate elements of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine that centres around living in balance with nature, into our daily lives. Vasudha told us a bit about her own health journey, and how Ayurveda became central to her at a time when she was struggling with endometriosis.

Pestle & Mortar

Sonia’s heritage in Indian natural healing was one of the things that led to her first Pestle & Mortar product, the Hyaluronic Serum (still their bestseller); her grandfather was a medicine man, using a traditional pestle and mortar to grind up herbs and ingredients. Sonia launched Pestle & Mortar back in 2014, a collection of simple, efficient modern skin solutions in chic monochrome packaging. Pestle & Mortar opened their very first bricks-and-mortar store last October at Kildare Village, and it’s a huge draw for savvy shoppers, with plenty of gift set offers and special purchases you’ll only find here.

Adopting rituals

As Vasudha explained, daily rituals don’t need to take lots of time or energy. They are about doing things that help to bring balance and calm. Her own core rituals include oiling her hair to keep it strong and healthy; and oil pulling – swilling natural oil, such as coconut, around the mouth in the morning, in order to reduce bacteria. Vasudha also talked about the benefits of tongue-scraping – a quick but effective habit that can make a huge difference in terms of oral hygiene; tongue-scrapers are widely available for a few euro.

When it comes to skincare, both agreed that consistency is key – there is no such thing as a “quick fix”. Sonia is adamant that a good double-cleanse in the evening is a cornerstone of any routine. “Double-cleansing is crucial to maximise the benefits of the rest of your skincare routine,” she says. Remove your make-up first, and then use a balm cleanser, such as the Erase Balm, to clean the skin gently but thoroughly, removing it with a clean cloth and warm water.

Head to Pestle & Mortar at Kildare Village for skin consultations and advice, and to shop the collection;

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