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An Expert Guide To Dealing With Rosacea

April has been designated Rosacea Awareness Month. Here are some suggestions, solutions and recommendations if you’re struggling with this issue, which is very common in Celtic skin types…


A PIECE OF ADVICE: from Tracey Beeby, global education manager for Australian cosmeceutical line Ultraceuticals, has some advice when it comes to rosacea.

“Rosacea is a skin condition of which the causes are not known. There are, however, some common triggers to this condition, stress being a big one, along with alcohol, caffeine and heat. Trying to avoid these triggers as best you can, and then use topical products that will help to reduce the inflammation and calm sensitivity, as well as reduce the visible redness in the skin. Our Ultra R.E.D Corrective Serum (€102.50 at has been dermatologically tested to be suitable for rosacea-prone and the most sensitive skins, and will provide comfort while helping to reduce the visible redness in the skin.”


A PIECE OF ADVICE: from someone who has experienced rosacea in the past and explored a variety of solutions:

“I struggled with redness, rough texture and other signs of irritation on one side of my cheek for quite a while but found it was getting progressively worse. I tried stripping my skincare routine back completely, I tried using exclusively natural products. I sampled countless serums, moisturisers and cleansers, some had temporary effects, others showed no noticeable difference. I visited Eavanna Breen at Eavanna Breen Clinic on Leeson Street to see if she could recommend any products or treatments that might help. I thought that what I was experiencing could be early signs of rosacea but was confused as to why it was only showing up on one specific area of my face. After looking at my skin Eavanna confirmed that it could be rosacea and recommended I try some products from the Skinmade range. After using them for the past six months I’ve noticed a measurable difference in my skin. The Problem Solver Serum for redness and irritation stood out in particular. My skin is smooth again, where it had been rough. I still get bouts of redness but they are much less regular and can usually be traced back to specific triggers. And the little spots that appeared on my cheek have largely disappeared. When I have struggled with redness in the past, I’ve found relief in La Roche Posay’s Rosaliac AR Intense Localized Redness Serum as well as the Superfood Cica Calm Hydration Juice by Elemis and the soothing Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. Anyone who has struggled with skincare issues knows the joy you feel when you finally find something that makes a difference. But as with any skin issues, it’s always best to consult a specialist where possible – what works for me and my skin may not work for you.” Síomha Connolly



Pembroke Aesthetics, located in Dublin city centre, has experience in this area. The clinic’s rosacea treatment plans feature both anti-inflammatory surfacing peels in the clinic, and customised plans to follow afterwards. This holistic approach aims to not only treat the symptoms but also to address the underlying causes: “We understand the impact that skin conditions like rosacea and acne can have on an individual’s confidence and quality of life,” says co-founder Iryna. “Our packages are meticulously crafted to provide optimal outcomes by combining advanced medical-grade treatments with personalised home skincare plans.”

The Filo Clinic, with locations in Dublin and Cork, say they achieve good results using BBL + Moxi by Sciton, a unique combination treatment that uses two kinds of advanced skin lasers to refresh and revitalise skin while improving tone, texture and uneven pigmentation. “It’s designed to treat pigmentation, age spots, sun damage, rosacea and redness,” says co-owner Ryan Lumor.



1. No7 Derm Solutions is a targeted range to focus on specific skin issues, and the Rosacea Treatment (€19.95) is designed to create a protective barrier and help to reduce redness, spider veins and skin dryness. Read more about the range here.

2. Yon-Ka’s new CBD Serum is an oleo-serum formula with concentrated CBD which works as an anti-inflammatory, helping to calm, de-stress and soothe skin while you sleep. It’s packed with naturally effective ingredients, and has a light texture. €110, at pharmacies nationwide and at For Yon-Ka stockists and clinics, see

3. Rosalique 3-in-1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula SPF50 is designed to calm and conceal redness, treat sensitivity with active ingredients, and protect skin from further aggravation, with SPF50. €33.95, at pharmacies nationwide.

To read more about Rosacea treatment see here:


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