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Discover Dublin’s Newest Hidden Gem – An Expert Beauty Clinic With A Difference


The insiders’ skin secret. Here’s everything you need to know … 

Here’s a new name for your little black book of beauty pros. Pembroke Aesthetics is a skincare and aesthetics clinic set up by two highly qualified and experienced facial therapists. In their private, elegant space just off Fitzwilliam Square in the Georgian centre of Dublin, Iryna and Agne specialise in bespoke and holistic facial treatments for all skin types. And their particular focus is on a broad range of skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, pigmentation and sensitivity.

If you’re having problems with your skin, or if it just feels dull and you’re unsure what it really needs right now, book in for a thorough skin consultation, complete with skin scanner analysis. Agne and Iryna have a warm and welcoming approach, and you’ll find their light-filled space is a relaxing haven that’s incredibly peaceful despite being in the centre of the city.

Pembroke Aesthetics is committed to delivering a broad range of medical-grade treatments with a 360-degree holistic approach – and a focus on excellence and results. Agne and Iryna offer the latest technology in facial rejuvenation and pro-ageing, from Celluma Light Therapy/LED (which uses light energy to improve cellular health) to Microneedling and Electroporation as well as injectable classic Mesotherapy and Cryotherapy treatments. There are Dermapen treatments for the eye area, and for the neck and chest area to reduce the appearance of sun damage, as well as specialist targeted treatments such as Milia removal.


If you are struggling to find effective and holistic solutions for common issues such as rosacea and acne, Pembroke Aesthetics offers expert, results-driven treatment packages.

Rosacea, a prevalent skin disorder causing redness on the face, is particularly common among the Irish population, notes co-founder Agne. “We understand the impact that skin conditions like rosacea and acne can have on an individual’s confidence and quality of life,” she says. “We tailor treatments to suit the needs of those with fair, sun-sensitive skin, especially those of Celtic origin. Our rosacea treatment plans feature a combination of anti-inflammatory surfacing peels and customised home skincare plans. This holistic approach aims to not only treat the symptoms, but also to address the underlying causes, ensuring the most comprehensive and effective solution.”

“We are dedicated to delivering results-driven skincare solutions with a focus on holistic wellbeing,” says Iryna, co-founder, Pembroke Aesthetics.

Pembroke Aesthetics also offer comprehensive acne treatment plans, specially designed to address various aspects of acne, from active breakouts to long-term prevention. “Our multifaceted approach encompasses a range of treatments, including steaming, extraction, chemical peels, resurfacing, LED therapy and a selection of customised products for an optimal home routine,” says Iryna.

It all adds up to healthier and clearer skin. “For treating acne we are using medical-grade cosmetics based on very smart systems, working from the inside out (unique skin’s delivery system using ingredients that penetrate and start to work in deeper skin layers),” says Agne. “Peels that are very active and potent and at the same time very protective to skin (patented technology decreasing skin’s inflammation response) which allows us to achieve good therapeutic results without irritations and downtime”.


You can also enjoy traditional facial massage treatments, from an effective and efficient Business Express facial – ideal for your lunch hour (€85, 45 minutes) – to the renowned Japanese massage technique, Kobido.

When it comes to mature skin, Iryna and Agne are both highly skilled in facials that will help with lymphatic drainage and sculpting the face. The Kobido Massage is a special experience: it’s a sophisticated facial massage treatment that involves gentle pressure, rhythmic strokes and traditional Japanese techniques, all carefully designed to stimulate blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and restore youthful radiance. It’s the ideal way to banish dull, grey winter skin! You’ll float out of the salon, feeling both relaxed yet energised. From €95 (60 minutes); there’s also a longer version, which focusses on the shoulders, neck and head too, which we highly recommend (€130).

Iryna offers the Sculptural massage, including Buccal (which includes massaging the jawline from inside the mouth). “This is something unique and exceptional we are providing at our clinic,” notes Agne. “Our amazing Sculptural massage offers a lot of skin rejuvenation benefits: it works wonders against puffiness and fluid retention, provides muscle relaxation, activates skin cell metabolism and tissue nourishment and, of course, lifts and tones the skin.” The result? You’ll step out of the clinic feeling rejuvenated and cared for in both body and mind. Bespoke facials start from €135 for 75 minutes.


Experienced skincare professionals Iryna and Agne ensure that clients receive the highest standard of care – and their unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction really sets Pembroke Aesthetics apart. “Our goal is to provide not just treatments, but also transformative experiences that leave our clients feeling rejuvenated and revitalised,” says Iryna. Agne adds: “That 90 minutes I spend with a client is a sacred time, dedicated just to them. Nothing is more important at that time than this person who came and placed their trust in me. I’m totally devoted, focused and committed to giving my absolute best to every single client. I see a lot of meaning in helping people with their skin, and nothing satisfies me more than good results and happy faces.”

Discover your healthiest, most glowing skin this spring.

Pembroke Aesthetics, 2 Pembroke Street Upper, Dublin 2, D02NY59; 083 895 9727;

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