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6 Kitchen Design Tips


What makes a great kitchen? O’Connors of Drumleck share six tips to help you plan your perfect kitchen with thoughtful and considered design …

What makes a great kitchen?

The kitchen has traditionally been, and continues to be, the heart of the home. It is the room where everyone naturally congregates. A great kitchen is one that fulfils your sensory needs as a sociable space. A kitchen has many roles, from entertaining friends and family, becoming a workspace during the day or occupying the kids while you cook, but it will always primarily be the space for food.

A great kitchen will be well laid out, have a smooth flow and give you a great big aesthetic hug when you walk in the door. There should be an ease to creating a fresh and healthy lifestyle, from storage to preparation and enjoyment. At O’Connors of Drumleck, we believe that a kitchen should be well lit, embrace and enhance the outside views and inspire you to eat and live well. 

What are the first things to consider when you plan your new kitchen?

It is important to look at the natural light, the room proportions, what appliances you want to include and then to ask yourself “Where do you sit, where do you relax, how do you cook, how do you eat?” Once you have agreed on the layout, you can think about the design and colours. Whether traditional or contemporary looks inspire you, an interior designer can further advise how to create a seamless interaction between the style of kitchen and other spaces in your home.

Are kitchen islands still in style?

Very much so. In thermally efficient homes in Ireland, the kitchen island is the new place to congregate. In a recent survey we conducted, 100% of customers told us that they would love to have an island in their new kitchen design. The island can be freestanding in the case of a butchers block style or built in with plumbing for taps and power points for appliances and hob. Our designers merge marble work surfaces with the beautiful grain of timber to define sitting areas and the prep zone.

Does the kitchen sink have to be in front of the window?

In the past, the kitchen sink was in front of the window as we spent so much time there. However, in a modern kitchen with a dishwasher, the sink is better placed thoughtfully in the working triangle. We often suggest having it in the kitchen island for ease of use and space. Practically, this creates a shorter distance from the hob to the sink and waste area which will give you unprecedented efficiency. 

How do you plan the lighting in your kitchen?

As a room where work is done, the kitchen needs task-focussed lighting. It should be directed towards work areas to illuminate the details at all times of the day and season, particularly in Ireland with its northern latitude. We also recommend putting all lighting on dimmer switches, particularly if your kitchen is also your entertaining space. You will be able to zone and control the mood in different areas of the space. Modern designs incorporate uplights and downlights, lit cabinetry and unusual kitchen island pendant lighting. The style should fit the overall design and will add personality to the room.

What will appliances look like in the future?

Appliances are already becoming smarter and increasingly efficient. You can have a semi-professional oven in your home thanks to brands like Gaggenau who have a sophisticated steam cooking functionality in their ovens as well as integrated pyro self-cleaning systems. The new Samsung Family Hub fridge exists as if the designers were given full creative flow, installing cameras in the fridge that you can also access while out shopping via wifi. Furthermore you can set freshness dates for prepared and stored food for maximum culinary and professional style efficiency. Stepping outside the capabilities of a normal fridge, the Samsung Family Hub even includes a family calendar and schedule that is accessible on everyone’s phones as well as in the kitchen, and music and smart TV capabilities.

Miele have a Smart Line range of appliances that take the guesswork out of cooking and provide versatility that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. For the adventurous, travel-inspired cook they even have additions such as induction wok, barbecue grill and TepanYaki that offer professional results in your own home. Brands like these are focussing on creating multi-functional appliances with integrated efficiency. The future will see more like this as we embrace modern continuous connectivity. 

O’Connors of Drumleck, Luxury Irish Kitchen Designs

If you have more questions (which I’m sure you do), don’t hesitate to contact our office and showroom, where we can give you personalised guidance as to the space that you want to create. Appointments are individual, so make a booking by completing our contact form on the website or calling 042-937 26 25. www.oconnorsofdrumleck.ie


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