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Little Lifts: The Cosy Activities Giving Us A Boost This Week

Here’s what’s making THE GLOSS team smile this week …

Lately, it can all feel a bit doom and gloom; the news is heavy, the weather is freezing over and there’s talk of further restrictions on the horizon. In a bid to keep spirits high we’re focusing on the joy of little lifts right now. Here’s what’s brightening the day for members of THE GLOSS team. 

Penny McCormick, Deputy Editor

Scent definitely has a positive impact on my mood and lighting a candle always gives me a little lift at the end of the day. One of my favourites is the Dublin Tea Rose, Oud and Patchouli candle by Rathbornes 1488, €40, because it unites my past and present life. Having lived in the Middle East for a long time, this candle evokes memories of visits to the souks where oud would waft from the stalls, while also combining with my love of old tea roses which I am trying very hard to nurture in my own garden.

Aislinn Coffey, Style Editor

A morning walk is an instant mood-booster for me. Up until December, the little bit of sunlight and fresh air is such a stress reliever before beginning my day. I always listen to a podcast (my current favourite is Sweet Bobby where host Alexi Mostrous is in search of one of the world’s most sophisticated catfishers. It is a real shocker). By the time I get home, I feel like my best self.

Síomha Connolly, Managing Editor – Digital

After a restless weekend spent scrolling through the news, the only way to turn things around was to start on the Christmas decorations. I was restrained, allowing myself only to decorate the mantelpiece (DIY wreaths and a real Christmas tree will follow in December) but it has already made such a difference to the space. Each year I add a few new Christmas decorations to my collection; one of my favourites is the faceless, wise old character in the middle with his long beard and cap. I picked it up at Appassionata when it was on Clarendon Street – a spot for the most beautiful decorations.

Sarah Halliwell, Beauty editor

Browsing an upcoming auction of designer clothes and shoes on – kicking off on November 27, it features vintage designer labels; from Dior and Valentino shoes to a Dries Van Noten coat and a Gucci wallet. There’s no harm in looking … Escaping into a good book: Irish writer Sarah Crossan’s Here is the Beehive is darky compelling. Though I found the protagonist uniquely unlikeable, I couldn’t put down this story of an affair and its aftermath; it has echoes of Harriet Lane’s story, Alys Always. Finally, a quirky one. Usually, putting the phone away is a little lift in itself. But make an exception to watch young English trainspotter @francis_bourgeois43, a cult hit among teenagers. Francis’ unfettered enthusiasm for spotting locomotives is infectious, and guaranteed to make you smile – it reminds us there is much joy to be found in small things. 

Sarah Macken, Contributing Editor 

Dining out, not quite under the stars, rather in a rooftop marquee at the new Allta Winter House. The top of Trinity Street carpark couldn’t have been a better setting for Dublin’s buzziest new pop-up restaurant. Aside from the set menu – which was a veritable feast – the joy of reconnecting with people you’re long overdue meeting, or often only talk to through a screen – was the biggest thrill of all.


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