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Discover the New Wave of Pet Nutrition in Ireland

Irish-owned brand Blue Pet Co. is harnessing the power of the ocean to create products for our pooches …

It’s no surprise that many of us are making changes in our day to day lives in an effort to become more sustainable and look after the environment. And this focus on sustainability is infiltrating every area of our lives, from our clothing and food choices to travel, transport and more. On World Ocean Day, June 8, we are exploring a novel new brand that is harnessing the power of the ocean to create their products – canine supplements enriched with seaweed extracts to take care of all your dog’s nutritional needs.

We know that the wellness of our pets is as important as any other member of the family. Blue Pet Co. is an Irish owned and operated blue biotechnology company specialising in the production of seaweed derived bioactive ingredients, using clean, sustainable bioprocessing technologies. Their products are designed to take a science-led approach to pet health by harnessing the health and regenerative power of the ocean to create proprietary marine-based health and wellness formulations for dogs. What does this mean for your pooch? A suite of products designed to boost everything from skin and coat health to oral health and mobility, joint and muscle health.

All of the products designed by Blue Pet Co. are enriched with proprietary unique seaweed extracts harvested from Ireland’s Atlantic Coast. Each product is bio-designed, taking cues from marine biology and animal physiology, to create proprietary nutrient blends and formulations combining synergistic nutrients and bioactive ingredients, which respond to specific pet health needs like joint and muscle, skin and hair, teeth, and gums.

Focus on sustainability

Not only are Blue Pet Co. creating products to help our dogs, they are also making an impact on our coastlines. With a company-wide focus on sustainability, looking after our coastlines is key to everything Blue Pet Co. does. Seaweed is a fully renewable natural resource with a wide variety of wild organic seaweed species growing in abundance along the Wild Atlantic Way. The seaweeds utilised to create Blue Pet Co.’s ingredients and extracts are organic and sustainably hand-harvested to ensure regrowth and to ensure the delicate seabed goes undisturbed. After sustainably harvesting algae from the Irish Atlantic Ocean, it converts to high efficacy functional ingredients using clean, zero waste processing for your pet’s health. 100 per cent of the seaweed is converted into key bioactive ingredients with zero waste.

Why seaweed?

Scientists are beginning to understand exactly why seaweed is such a superfood, which is due to the presence of key functional molecules including a range of polysaccharides and proteins, in addition to the vitamins and minerals present.

Products for our pets

Blue Pet Co. produces four products in chews, sticks and convenient travel bar formats. GoShine features unique seaweed complexes PhyCoidan (an extract of Fucus vesiculosus seaweed) and PhytoMara (an extract of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed) and is designed to support pet’s skin and coat condition for a healthy appearance. GoActive features PhyCoidan (as above) as well as micronutrients. It’s designed to support mobility, joint and muscle health and neutralise free radicals. GoSmile dental sticks are enriched in PhytoDent (a blend of milled Ascophyllum nodosum and extract of fucus vesiculosus) created to support healthy gums and reduce plaque, keeping teeth clean and breath fresh. And finally GoFuel which features PhyCoidan, glucose and micronutrients as well as Vitamin C, Vitamin D and marine antioxidants.

Knowing that pet owners have busy lifestyles, Blue Pet Co. have made it easy for you to find the right supplements for your dog. On their website,, your first purchase couldn’t be easier. Simply tell the brand a bit about your pooch and choose a bundle or single product to try, with their guidance. Your order will be delivered free of charge right to your door, with the option to choose a subscription to make it easier to stay on top of your dog’s health and nutrition.

Premium, natural health supplements for your dog, made in Ireland. What are you waiting for?

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