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Autumn’s Hottest Beauty Trend Is Ice Cold

Sarah Halliwell investigates cryotherapy and other autumn beauty trends …

As the weather cools down, perhaps our beauty routine should, too. Janna Ronert of Image Skincare (a favourite Irish brand celebrating 20 years in business) says that facial ice baths are a daily skincare ritual. “I always use ice cold water or bowls of ice as a plunge for the face. It has so many benefits: it reduces inflammation, preserves natural oils and relieves skin irritation.” She’s not alone – cryotherapy tools are popular with facialists (including Sienna Miller’s, Teresa Tarmey). Try DeDanu’s ice therapy tools (

I’m a devotee of Biologique Recherche facials, which advocate cleansing with cool water rather than hot (book in with Melissa Ferguson in Limerick; Cold-pressed is a buzzword; Act+Acre’s scalp-detoxing haircare is made using cold processes to preserve active ingredients. Clarins’ new Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask features a chilling menthol molecule that’s soothing to parched summer skin. It’s hot to be cool.

A mix of heat and cold is stimulating, too. At Off Grid in Bray, Co Wicklow, you can book an hour’s session alternating between the infrared sauna and ice bath (€33). Benefits include boosting immunity and activating the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to better sleep and mental balance. No wonder home saunas have become a trend. We love the idea of spending winter wrapped in an Infrared sauna blanket (€495; heat therapy can increase dopamine and endorphins, notes Sealieve’s Karen O’Reilly, as well as improve circulation and sports recovery. Sign us up … @sarahhalliwellbeauty

Other autumn beauty trends …

HAIR TRENDS: We asked legendary stylist Sam McKnight for his take on hair trends this season. “We’re seeing a return to glamour, more ‘done’ hair, and embracing volume,” he says. “It’s a bit Hollywood, with finish and polish, perhaps with an element such as a wave or volume on top. Invest in a good hot brush, and medium-size velcro rollers – we’ve been using them backstage to capture a return to the glamour of 1990s supermodels.” For added polish, seen at Victoria Beckham’s show, GHD’s Duet Style takes hair from wet to dry, creating smooth, sleek straight or waves. €399, at Peter Mark salons.

DAILY TREAT: I recently discovered the Energising Shower Gel version of Clarins’ Eau Dynamisante (€26) – which will delight anyone who’s worn that herbaceous scent, the uplifting spritz that inspired Kate Moss’ Cosmoss fragrance. It transforms your morning routine.

BLESSED BE THE FRUIT: We’re holding onto summer via the scent of soft fruits. It’s hard to imagine anything more lovely than Peach Kernel Oil, €34;, to nourish skin – it also defends, with antioxidant properties. I’m intrigued by their melon oil, too.

I also recommend Yon-Ka Serum C20, an antioxidant elixir with potent and stable 20 per cent vitamin C, plus organic apricot and sweet orange oils, to brighten skin; €138.50;


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