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1 month ago

5-Minute Yoga with Maura Rath to Help Release WFH Stress – Part One


Maura Rath shares a simple 5-minute yoga practice to help with working from home …

This yoga sequence is designed to help you feel great and move with ease.

The focus of this yoga class is to release tension and stress from your neck, side body and ribs. Feel free to close your eyes as Maura guides you through the movements.

At the start of the video, Maura focuses on the neck muscles; we must move slowly and connect each movement with our breath. Remember to keep your spine straight and relax your shoulders as much as you can. Taking a few minutes to focus on your neck can make all the difference.

Next, Maura takes us into the side of the body; this is an area that often gets over-looked, however sitting for long periods of time – and not taking interval breaks of movement – can make the side of the body stiff.

Maura recommends deepening our breath as we lean into our side. When we stretch to one side, we are also creating space around our rib cage, which will help us feel freer in our bodies. This also bring a little more energy flow through the body, as we are able to activate our lungs a little more.

Take your time and enjoy the practice.

Maura Rath of Yoga with Maura is celebrating one year of her virtual yoga studio this week. She has also launched the WorkWell Studio for organisations to invest in their employees’ wellbeing with corporate yoga classes at home. For April, the theme of Maura’s yoga class is Ashtanga April which runs via her virtual studio: www.yogawithmaura.ie.


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