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What’s On My Beauty Shelf: Skin Expert Kakie Taylor Black Shares Her Essentials

Skin expert Kakie Taylor Black, senior facialist at Floraison in Dublin 2, shares her beauty essentials, and what’s she’s learned about skin, sleep and wellbeing …

Key beauty staples/old favourites I’m never without …

“Working as a facialist has taught me countless things about skin health and beauty. Remaining prescriptive, consistent and simple is the secret sauce. I will always cleanse, use a serum, apply SPF and then a couple of times a week I will exfoliate/use a face mask/use an advanced treatment. I never skip a routine, no matter how tired or sick I am!

I have been using the Parisian brand Biologique Recherche for a decade. Disclaimer: I also work with them, but I never work with or use brands I don’t truly believe in or see results from. I regularly use their Eye Make-up Remover, Eau Micellaire and the new Lait Dermo-S for cleansing, Masque VIP O2 and alternate the cult status Lotion P50 (the Pigm400 variation) with Ayuna’s Facial Low. Revitalash has been wonderful for my sparse brows and lashes. Deviant’s Pigmentation Corrector Serum is always in the mix for healing and brightening. I don’t like to use too many products at a time as my skin always reacts when I do.

I have made the switch to bar-based shampoo and body cleansing (in an attempt to reduce packaging and waste), and could not be without Ayuna’s Shampoo Bar and Orris Botanical Soaps. I am a crazy SPF lady and have one in every bag so I am never without: Heliocare, Skinceuticals, EVY Technology, Elta MD and La Roche Posay are amongst the vast collection!

I have adopted a strict sleeping schedule for the management of stress, anxiety and inflammation. Using an LED device has helped me switch off and go to sleep a lot more easily too (as well as improving the glow of my skin). The silicone mask by Current Body and hood panel by Celluma are great options for home use.

I always carry a little packet of oil-blotting papers as my skin can get very shiny and, whilst I like a bit of radiance, I don’t want to be greasy (I don’t wear powder). I like Tatcha, DHC, Muji and Rare Beauty. My lips don’t get too dry any more but I always have some lip care knocking about: I adore the ones by Biologique Recherche, Rhode, Tatcha and Image Skincare.

My hands often get dry with all the washing and sanitising so I try my best to moisturise as much as possible. I love Galinée, Nuxe and Eucerin and also buy the Creme de Corps by Kiehl’s in a travel size and throw it into my bag. I often pop into Flo at Mink in Monkstown to keep my nails tidy.”

Best beauty investments – what I spend a bit more on that’s worth it …

“In recent years I have begun to invest in advanced treatments such as IPL and chemical peels. These treatments are minimally invasive but I can still have a little downtime as I am fairly reactive. I am not always consistent though and these treatments should be every couple of months for the best results.

Beauty goes beyond the surface. I do online fitness coaching and the occasional Lomi Lomi massage with Hilary at The Training Lab, and get nutritional guidance with Christina at Founded Nutrition to make sure my system is nourished and supported for the demands of the working week. I like to buy organic groceries when I can from Gourmet Pantry in Dun Laoghaire. Eating well is the foundation of good health.”

Most recent purchase…

“I felt like it was going to be a gamble, but I recently picked up the Beauty of Joseon SPF50 as so many clients say they love it. Considering I usually dislike ‘creamy’ textures, it’s actually a lovely dewy and fresh finish. I also got another All Over Colour pot by Manasi7 as it’s multi-purpose. Both of these items are so sleek and slip into any purse for easy-breezy top-ups during the day.”

Favourite Irish beauty item…

“My darling mum, Consolata, has always loved scented candles. Every year I buy her a new one. The luxury Irish brand, Cloon Keen, have the most unique scent combinations. Her favourite is Cuirín Dubh (€45, www.cloonkeen.com) its sublime accents of fresh mint, blackcurrant and forest moss are reminiscent of her childhood summers spent in Connemara. I want to buy one for myself!”

One foundation I swear by…

“I feel like I am the only person on this planet whose skin does not like/agree with liquid base of any kind – it always just slips and slides around my face and ends up looking creased, cakey and patchy. Whilst I don’t wear it regularly, I love the Bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation [€33.50 at www.boots.ie) I discovered the brand when I was 16. Back then it was really difficult to source and only one place sold it in Dublin, a boutique on Cow’s Lane I think. Fast forward two decades and it’s still the only one I use (and is thankfully much easier to find!). I have two shades that I mix to get my perfect match and very gently buff it onto the surface of my skin. The trick is, you can’t go in with too much of this product at once and you need to wait for your sunscreen/skincare to dry down before applying.”

My beauty ethos…

“Try not to worry about what other people are doing or compare yourself to them. This is the thief of joy, or so the saying goes. In the past, insecurity and jealousy has gotten the better of me and I haven’t always done the right thing. I think we’ve all been there. We’re all trying to find our place in the world and it’s a journey of growth and learning.

Healthy skin is always in and should not be a trend or a fad. Your skin and body is unique to you and no size fits all. It’s always worth seeking professional advice prior to making changes with skincare products, supplements, exercise or anything that involves financial investment. It’s important to ensure that any recommendations are truly tailored to you.

We all have varying perceptions of beauty and what it means to us. There is no precise belief system that we should follow. The growth of social media and celebrity culture has created more pressure, setting a very unfair and unrealistic standard. I hope that we have the sense and confidence to see beyond that. Having said that, whatever methods a person decides to utilise to address their beauty and ageing concerns, is up to them and we should not judge.” www.floraison.ie

Main Image; Anouska Proetta Brandon @anouska.creative


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