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What’s On My Beauty Shelf: Claire Bourne Shares Her Essentials

Claire Bourne is the owner and founder of Eden One and Eden Elements Spa. Here, the luxury spa owner reveals her best beauty buys, favourite luxuries and top tips when it comes to skincare …

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Key beauty staples and old favourites I’m never without …

“I use a variety of Natura Bissè products and find that they are transformational! I hold a special place in my heart for Natura Bissé (a Spanish brand founded in Barcelona in 1979), which was voted the World’s Best Spa brand four years in a row. I was so happy they considered Eden Elements Spa at Eden One a deserving destination to offer their prestigious brand – and they are a wonderful family-run business, just like ours, which looked after me and my spa team during our training and opening phase, just as I found out my dearest mum had stage three triple negative breast cancer. Those ethics and that kindness go a long way, in my book.

Another staple is my daily face cream. I have both Ground Wellbeing’s BEO Rebalance Face Balm (€42), which is a firm favourite and smells absolutely delicious, and Natura Bissè Inhibit High Definition Serum, and I alternate between them. Of course, the necessity of an SPF means that this is a must in my daily routine too (and something in which I’m willing to invest). If I’m out on business, then I’ll use NB’s Diamond Luminous Oil-free Brilliant Sun Protection, as I’m not a fan of foundations. This is a great blend between SPF and tinted light coverage, and can be built up for more coverage if needed. I absolutely love natural-looking, glowing skin and it’s a very rare occasion to see me wearing foundation. If I am working from home or on the beach, then I’ll opt for Pai’s British Summer Time SPF30 mineral sunscreen (€34, www.paiskincare.ie).

When I get the time to properly cleanse my skin, I switch between various products depending on how I feel and how much time I have. I like Medik8’s Calmwise Soothing Foam Cleanser (€26.35; www.mcsharrypharmacy.ie) which is quick to use, and effective. Hot baths demand a mix of Ground’s Cleansing Balm (inhale deeply – it smells so good!) and NB’s Rich Luxurious Cleanse, followed once or twice a week by a treatment mask. This is also something in which I will invest: favourites include NB’s Diamond Extreme Mask (which I often apply and wash off the next morning).

I’m a globe-trotting entrepreneur, business owner and homeschooling mum who really values my sleep but doesn’t always get enough of it. If I need to look awake and radiant, then I will use a drop of Pai’s The Impossible Glow (in champagne, €29) around my eyes, and a smidgen on the highlight areas of my face, and I find it works a dream. Another favourite is Elemis’ Instant Refreshing Gel (€58) with arnica, which really helps my aching legs and feet.

I’m a natural mamma at heart, and have spent so many years now researching toxins in cosmetics (amongst other topics…). Whilst I am always researching ways to combine nature’s best with highly effective ingredients that benefit our skin, I am strict about what deodorant we use. I’ve learned that it takes time to detox from toxic chemical deos; detoxing the body also helps, so I find it is possible to go without deo most days. When I need to, I will opt for one of my homemade creations, or Salt of the Earth’s unscented natural deodorant spray (from €7.99, at www.hollandandbarrett.ie), to which I add my own bespoke blends of organic essential oils, which I can change depending on my body’s requirements.”

Best beauty investments – what I spend a bit more on that’s worth it …

“I love a person who ages gracefully; someone who embraces the wisdom and experience of their years. I remember the day I noticed the fine lines appearing around my eyes, and laugh lines. Now I’m happy to say that whilst laughter is medicine for thy soul, I do like to respect and nurture my skin to age well. Hence, I value my eye cream (which I may also apply to my forehead and laugh lines!); I will spend more on an eye cream, and have used Natural Bissé Diamond Life Infusion Retinol Eye Serum (€289); and La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream, both of which I find very effective.”

For a relaxing treat …

“It’s a treat to get ‘me time’ in a hot bath and pamper my face. I’m usually falling into bed after a quick wipe down with NB’s C+C Vitamin Micellar Cleansing Water or their Biomarker Essence. One can only get this if you come and enjoy a sublime and super-luxurious Diamond Life Facial (I wish NB would retail this, it’s fab); I always ask my therapist to save me the rest of the little tube to take home and use as a nighttime top-up for a few nights – that’s my little insider secret.”

The loveliest perfume bottle on my dressing-table …

“All of my daughter’s friends, my friends’ children and my nieces love to tell me how yummy I smell! Well the truth is, I’m not a fan of commercial perfumes following my years of research into ingredients in the beauty industry and their less-than-favourable effects on our cells and systems, specifically the endocrine system. So I spent a considerable amount of time studying blends of essential oils which, when expertly blended, have a favourable impact on our body and mind. Thus, any perfume I use will be either a natural, non-toxic fragrance or an essential oil blend. I carry the Inner Strength rollerball from Aromatherapy Associates (€19.20) in my bag (as I love frankincense). Probably the most expensive perfume I have (which was gifted when we stayed at the new Atlantis, The Royal, in Dubai) is their signature roll-on Energising oil.

It helps too that I love the body oils by Ground Wellbeing. Ground’s founder, Peigín Crowley, really shares my passion for carefully blended oils and scents to have real impact on our wellness and mood. Her sleep pillow spray (€22) is a firm favourite in our family, and both my mum and dear friend who have gone through gruelling chemotherapy have found extreme relief from the Barróg (Cancer Care) range.”

I’m raving about …

“Deborah Mitchell’s Bee Venom Mask (from £89stg). I have spent many hours studying the healing and restorative ability of bee venom on our cells, and have researched how to harness this powerful force of nature whilst protecting our little yellow and black buzzing friends. Deborah has mastered this: no bees are harmed in the process of extracting venom; rather, they sting a pane of glass with a mild electric charge running through it, whereby the venom is collected and the bees survive with their stings intact. So my skin and my heart are happy! I have also found LED light therapy effective too, and aim to use the red and green light therapy on a regular basis.”

Favourite Irish beauty item …

“I am inspired and excited by the growth in Irish beauty brands. The eagle-eyed may notice the black glass jar on my bathroom shelf picture, and this is a clue to what is coming for our Eden Elements brand. This is a project that was put on hold whilst everything was shut down around the globe, the funds used to save our staff and businesses. This little black jar holds the last of the incredible samples I had made for testing and research. It reminds me what is possible, of my dream, and how I’ve been given an opportunity to improve and refine the products and the vision. It has been a journey of passion, loss, sacrifice and dedication… not to mention years of research and formulation. So this little black jar may well be my favourite beauty item! Friends and family who have tested it are literally begging me for more, along with the rest of my formulations, which will launch within the year.

I am always delighted when a fellow mum and entrepreneur launches a range, and Anita Murray has launched an ethical range for children, Huggabubble at Be Kingdom Kind (which I may use myself, because it smells so good). We use the Head To Toes face and body wash, the Bouncing Bubble bubblebath and our all-time favourite Bestie Balm, which lives next to my bed and is used for everything; it harnesses the power of flower essence and homeopathy to bring balance and healing. My girls and I will open it just to smell it!

And a very exciting small start-up brand that I have been asked to trial and absolutely love is Zest and Wild Botanical, lovingly and skilfully designed and manufactured in small batches by Amie Nixon. I love Amie’s dedication to high-quality raw ingredients, and her passion for restoring ancient remedies and techniques. She grows many of her own ingredients organically and makes gorgeous traditional soaps, deliciously scented bath salts, whipped hand butter, relaxing essential oil body scrubs and balms. She is a fellow mum who seriously knows how to blend amazing scents! I literally look forward to the bath times when I can light my Neom Organics candle and indulge in these beautiful natural, hand-crafted delights.”

I really take heart reading about the ethos and journeys of fellow beauty brand founders – I’d love to get us all around a dinner table to hear each other’s stories and share the highs and lows of bringing an exceptional brand to market. I’ve read the stories of every brand I’ve mentioned here, and admire every single one. Other brands I’m excited by include Pestle & Mortar, Seabody and Skingredients.”

Best shops for beauty …

“I’m not a massive fan of shopping… that may be because I live in the sticks and everything is super far away. Our tiny village doesn’t even have a shop or post office. Instinctively, I support start-up brands and founders who have faced challenges similar to mine and built resilience – so I’m more likely to shop for specific items online. Though if I lived in Dublin, I would make a point of enjoying a ‘me-time’ adventure to Brown Thomas!”

Most recent purchase …

“My most recent purchase was the Eye & Face Palette (€39) from Sculpted by Aimee Connolly. It’s a rare occurrence for me to wear make-up – one day I will learn how to do my make-up – but this has made it easy for me to pack something in my hand luggage in case I need to look a little fancier for business meetings.”

My beauty ethos …

“I have always loved the beautiful scents and aromas that linger in a luxurious spa – perhaps because it reminds me of the scent of my Nanna, who used to work for Christian Dior – and the smell of well-deserved relaxation and pampering. I remember as a teenager, my mum telling me to take time for myself and enjoy a nice long soak in a hot bath, and it is still one of my favourite ways to relax after a long day. And that probably sparked my initial inspiration to design and build businesses that make health and wellness divine, in gorgeous spaces that become a sanctuary. The shelves in my bedroom and bathroom reflect exactly this; there are products that reflect the plain girl inside of me, who loves nature and ancient wisdom in natural remedies. There is high-end skincare that reflects the inner science girl – the one who would rather spend time deep in research – and there is also a plethora of supplements, adaptogens and nootropics!

My dream came true when my husband, Charlie and I were given the opportunity to design and develop our own luxury day spa, Eden Elements, alongside Eden One and it is, quite frankly, my favourite place to be. We had designed and built many health clubs over the years but we dreamed of breaking the mould, becoming the first to combine a state-of-the-art health club with a full-scale luxury spa.” www.edenone.ie


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