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These Country Style Kitchens Come Into Their Own This Time Of Year

The relaxed, lived-in feel of these country style kitchens make them the perfect spot for cold autumnal days…

Natural materials, rustic wood finishes, atmospheric lighting, earthy colours, open shelving and the relaxed, cosy feel of a country style kitchen makes it a perfect spot for gathering on cold autumnal days. It really makes the kitchen the true heart of the home, as family and friends are able to sit at the table while others move around them in a relaxed atmosphere that feels inviting – ideal for talks over tea. Texture is key in these kitchens, which is achievable through the incorporation of nature in rustic wooden finishes and foliage and in layering soft furnishings through rugs and cushions, panelling on cupboards and natural flooring. There are other ways of course to autumn-ise your home – but keep scrolling to see the country style kitchen inspiration we are appreciating right now…


This is actually a DeVol scullery, we will admit, but the earthy feel of the terracotta tiles mixed with the open shelving and farmhouse sink makes it somewhere we want to spend time doing little tasks at this time of year. Pop some dried flowers or branches on display with a woven basket and you are autumn ready. Relaxed and gorgeous, we love it.


Louise Roe’s cosy, farmhouse-galley kitchen boasts country style features, perfect for gathering inside in autumn. The charming freestanding wooden island is made from reclaimed wood from the floorboards adding a coherent charm to the kitchen, while the wide rug adds texture. Both the earthy shade of Sage Green from Little Greene on the cabinets and the inclusion of open shelving help to create the relaxed and comfortable feeling in the room.


This Fisherman’s kitchen ticks all of the country style, cosy boxes on our list. Carpeted to add texture and warmth, centred around the stove to bring the room together, vintage freestanding furniture for charm and sustainability – there is no doubt this kitchen is designed for friends and family to be together as the nights draw in.


A ‘woodland wonderland’ is what can be used to describe this country style kitchen. The overarching incorporation of wood and timber throughout the kitchen give it that rustic, homely vibe which makes it a wonderful spot for autumnal evenings. Soft textures are incorporated with the banquet cushions and atmospheric lighting is achieved through the tall candles. The vintage prep station is key to achieving the charm of this country style kitchen, it is one-of-a-kind and sustainable and therefore the kitchen has that sense of individuality, reflecting its homeowner. 


This interior scheme encompasses a unique country kitchen. There are the notable traditional cabinets, large central stove, panelled doors, display shelving and hand painted finishes. But the floor is one of the main things that captures our attention in this kitchen. The natural slabs of stone on the floor is a classic country feature and one that inconspicuously brings nature in, giving us that change of season feeling at this time of year.


Reflecting the colours of nature outside on the inside of your home is a beautiful way to embrace the changing of season. Aubergine is a popular choice – which emulates the deep reds seen on the leaves of the trees, or introduce an earthy green or mustard yellow.


This is the ultimate country style cottagecore kitchen with low hanging wooden beams, terracotta flooring, the use of aubergine, seasonal foliage, wooden furniture and atmospheric lighting with that lovely little lamp in the corner. All centred around the the stove – the place where everyone can gather and enjoy their time together this time of year.


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