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How To Autumn-ise Your Home With These Cosy Additions

Get your house ready for the changing seasons with these autumnal accessories …

We are starting to revert to our winter ways of cosy nights in, cooking warming meals, starting movie marathons and having friends and family round for cosy autumn entertaining. Therefore creating an autumnal atmosphere in the home is essential. Instead of running away from the fact that winter is nearly upon us, let us embrace the change in weather, light and mood by softening up our interiors – which all adds up to make the cold weather outside not seem so harsh! From front door decorating to tablescaping and atmospheric lighting, there are so many lovely ways to prep your home for autumn. For kitchen design tips see our cosy cooking spaces here and see our home décor inspiration below …


Start as you mean to go on by enhancing your front door or home entrance for a real autumnal feel. This need only include a little pumpkin, or a candle in a lantern, but if you get a chance to create a wreath from seasonal foliage (or to purchase one!) the natural addition creates instant cosiness and makes the front facade of your house seriously inviting.


If re-painting the walls in your sitting room or kitchen is something you’re considering, cosy up your space with warm tones and neutrals, from terracotta shades to coffee brown. These restrained palettes bring the room together and make you feel instantly relaxed upon entering. The perfect spot to curl up for a movie night – see our top pick of seasonal films perfect for a rainy day.


Adding a rug, throw cushions or a blanket to a room warms it up entirely. A nice rug softens a hard stone, tiled or timber floor in a kitchen and depending on what rug you pick, can help to add a bit of personality to the room too. You’ll be surprised just how much some new soft furnishings can help to refresh a space.


Popping candles around your house (safely of course) can give the space a signature scent, especially when you pick a seasonal one. The atmospheric light a candle gives off is undeniably cosy. You can get a similar effect by adding some little lamps to corner spaces – top tip: USB lamps are super handy as you can transport them around rooms easily, their wireless appearance means they will slot in just about anywhere. It is that colour palette of orange, reds, yellows and browns that you’re looking for this time of year.


Enhancing your home for autumn can be as simple as adding a centrepiece to your dining table or laying some natural foliage on your mantel piece. If you do want to go that step further, then beautifully gold napkin rings, table candles, little pumpkins and other decorations will complete that autumn feeling. Your guests will be suitably impressed!


Bringing dried plants or the seasonal foliage that falls this time of year and decorating a table, mantelpiece or creating a wreath with it makes the house feel very autumnal and cosy. Embrace the change in nature by welcoming it into your home!


As the evenings draw in quickly, our natural response is to escape to the sitting room, where we can lodge ourself in the sofa and curl up under a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. Making this space as cosy and seasonal as possible will evoke a feeling of serious contentment. Add a few extra cushions to prep yourself for the long winter nights spent at home, or place a throw blanket on the chair or sofa. Another tip is to arrange your sitting room furniture around the fireplace – ready to toast those chilly toes at the end of a long day. This will be your safe haven – make it so it suits you.


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