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How To Make A Cosy Kitchen Cooking Space For Autumn Nights In

As days get shorter and evenings creep in quick – a cosy kitchen cooking space is just what we need …

After a long summer of stormy weather and a wamer-than-average September – a bit of seasonal stability is in order. We can always rely on autumn – a time for slipper socks, mugs of hot beverages, simmering pots on the stove, crisp walks in big coats, the changing of leaves, pumpkins waiting to be brought to life and a cosy kitchen space where everyone can gather as the evening draws in.

It is a time where we are more inclined to take a step back, have a cosy night in at home and cook for ourselves. We are back to basics with warm soups, freshly baked cakes and anything spiced – therefore prepping your kitchen for a cosy cooking experience is something we can definitely get behind. You don’t have to conduct huge changes (unless you are an autumnal soul who loves to decorate for the season), little additions work just as well to create a cosy ambiance. Disclaimer: this definitely isn’t a necessity – but it sure is nice! Below, find some little touches to make your space warm and welcoming for autumn nights in …


You may discover that an autumn palette is just the one for you. Different shades of red work perfectly this time of year – be it a bright and vibrant colour or something a little more understated. Combine two tones, like in this Devol kitchen above, and you will have a definite winner. Brass accents always compliment warm colours and will make the space feel safe and complete.

Warm neutrals are also seriously effective in making a space feel cosy and autumnal. Beige is good, as is cashmere, or you can opt for something in the terracotta-shade-palette. This Little Greene kitchen boasts their mid-gold Bombolone shade on the walls and cupboard doors and their Silt colour on the window trim. This combination undoubtedly delivers a warm and homely feeling into the kitchen.


Wood can very easily become the centre of attention in a kitchen with floors, countertops and cupboard doors – but smaller wooden additions like furniture, chopping boards, placemates etc will warm up the space to no end. If you are thinking of going for the full wood effect – dark flooring, or wooden countertops are a more permanent way of incorporating the natural material. This Neptune Home natural oak circular table is perfect for those family meals in the evening.


We’re not quite at roasting turkey time so autumn demands the role of a good hob. It is soup, hot chocolate and fondue season so a hob that will cater to your needs is paramount. The Siemens IQ700 induction hob with an integrated ventilation system is the perfect countertop helper. It adjusts to your cookware, has total control for frying, has automatic freshness for your kitchen and is ultra-easy to clean.


Incorporating texture this season will instantly cosy the place up. Whether it is through soft furnishings, like cushions or a statement rug, or raffia baskets and wooden chopping boards – these little steps will give you that autumnal vibe as soon as you step into the room.


Now of course we do not all have antique or vintage kitchen prep counters handy – but this type of personal addition makes the kitchen all the more warm and special.


Lighting is key to making a cosy space. The evenings are getting darker, faster and creating that cosy ambiance is key for nights spent cooking and eating together as a family. Put the ‘lantern’ in Jack-o-lantern for your dining area with these graceful Hila ceiling lamps in white paper and natural wood veneer. Other warm, low hanging pendant lights will look great over a kitchen island.

Candlelight is also a big yes for autumnal vibes, as is a little lamp (or two), letting out warm light around the kitchen to create that cosy feel.


Dried plants and flowers are a great way to incorporate nature but they also really help to create that changing-of-seasons autumn feel. Even the tiniest of vases or hanging bunch will bring a cosy corner together – and are easier to arrange yourself than you think.


There is nothing more homely than fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables on display, or something you may have baked earlier. A surefire way to get return guests to keep you company all autumn long… 

“Now we can snuggle into our cosy jumpers and plaids, and enjoy all the wonderful ingredients autumn brings,” says Trish Deseine. Trish has created the perfect autumnal menu as part of the ‘Chez Moi! At Home with Trish Deseine and Neff’ series. See the recipes and get some cosy cooking inspiration here.


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