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Biophilic Kitchens: The Benefits of Bringing Nature In

In the heart of your home – get connected to nature …

What are biophilic kitchens we hear you ask? The word ‘biophilia,’ translated from Greek means “life-loving” and refers to the theory that humans have a deep love and connection to nature and that we derive pleasure and happiness from it. We can now see why biophilic kitchens have become such a major trend, creating a comforting safe haven in our homes. Biophilic design brings together the best of so many trends and design ideas and makes you feel good, too. 

Bringing plants into a space is always a good idea, and an easy way to get your biophilic kitchen started. But there is so much more you can do. It is not all about hanging a philodendron from your ceiling or popping a monstera in the corner. Using natural, organic and sustainable materials in your kitchen design, letting natural light in, having a view of water, creating a refuge in your space, and incorporating multiple textures and biomorphic shapes will help to create a biophilic haven. You may have incorporated some of these elements without even knowing. The benefits of a biophilic kitchen are noteworthy. These design choices are proven to reduce stress, improve your overall mood and improve your physical wellbeing. Keep scrolling to see our biophilic kitchen inspiration…


Having large windows or access to natural light is paramount when creating a biophilic kitchen. Being exposed to sunlight in the morning is proven to reduce stress and calm brain activity. Cleverly, this homeowner has placed a monstera plant in front of the window which cranes over the table in a beautifully ‘wild’ manner. This corner of the kitchen paired with the natural colour scheme creates a calming space we will certainly be taking inspiration from. @a.start.of.something


This Cosentino kitchen is the perfect play on nature in urban life. The concrete acts as the perfect backdrop to the low pendant lights and the hanging plants. All of the components together emulate a jungle in the city and create a cool-calm vibe in the space.


One element of a biophilic kitchen is achieving a sense of refuge and safety in the space. Having our back and head protected (by a tree or boulder – back in the day) is a primordial sense of safety we didn’t know we had. So we humans created kitchen nooks! Having a cosy nook in your kitchen surrounded by plants and different textures, in which your back and head feels protected, immediately generates that sense of calm. @coloursofarley


This kitchen emulates a cave or quarry and therefore immediately grounds the visitor. You feel safe and secure in and amongst the natural marble. This space has been created by the amalgamation of very simple and sleek white kitchen units with Ponte Vecchia marble worktop – placed and designed by


Plants will always ground a room – exactly like in this naturally lit conservatory-esque kitchen. The leafy green display and dark wood countertop softens the crisp white cabinetry. It just oozes calm.


Using a natural material for your floor will ground the room in a beautiful way – and ground you with it! It is as if it is a continuation of the outdoors – inside and subconsciously it feels natural to us to walk around on organic material – again going back to that primal feeling. These homeowners have also very cleverly let the wood beams peak through the plastered walls, letting more texture into the space – which further generates that multi-sensory feeling of a biophilic kitchen.


Using earthy tones or natural materials on your cabinets will create a calming feeling.


It is important to consider where your kitchen is placed in the house. This deVol kitchen opens up onto the garden and so when the doors are opened they become one. By breaking the barrier between the interior and the exterior these designers have created a calming feeling in the space.


Incorporating flora and fauna through art works and wallpaper can also create a feeling of nature in the kitchen. They bring life to the walls and so the space feels grounded and safe. @littlegreenepaintcompany


If you have a raised kitchen – you may not even realise it but having that sensation of being up high and looking down at a landscape (or your sitting room!) brings you back to your natural instincts. It gives us a sense of ownership and makes us feel safe. @coloursofarley


The patterns and shapes and textures that come from nature can be emulated in kitchen design. Herringbone floors are one option, as is reeded glass, patterned tiles and textured wallpaper. The warm herringbone in this kitchen helps you feel instantly welcome – especially as the kitchen has thse wonderous sliding doors that open up into the garden and into nature.

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