How One Interior Designer Created Her Dream Kitchen - Kitchen Design Ideas 2023
kitchen design ideas 2023

How One Interior Designer Created Her Dream Kitchen

With a focus on natural materials, co-founder of Neptune interiors, Emma Sims-Hilditch designed her perfect kitchen, complete with a standalone larder-style cabinet and “cook’s table” kitchen island …

Photographed by SIMON BROWN

If you travel west along London’s King’s Road (until 1830 it was a private thoroughfare, originally reserved for Charles II’s trips to Kew), you will eventually reach Parsons Green, a residential district dominated by Victorian houses. When not in Wiltshire from where she runs her business, designer Emma Sims-Hilditch and her husband John (who co-founded the Neptune interiors and garden furniture brand) live in a terraced house in the area, which serves as a showcase for her work.

The house is a series of practical, carefully conceived rooms that enhance the quality of daily life. On the ground floor, the back garden is accessed through the kitchen, and to the side via a family sitting room.

The kitchen combines natural wood cabinetry with Carrara marble work surfaces. Emma likes to include as many natural materials as possible in a kitchen: “They help to create a softer look than the industrial style of some kitchens, and they also age beautifully. I use the same approach to decorating a kitchen that I use for any other room. I often hang paintings or a mirror with a distressed finish on the wall behind a stove. They add interest and personality to the space – as, of course, does antique furniture such as cupboards and dressers.”

Ceiling heights were raised throughout the ground floor and an internal wall between the dining and living rooms was replaced by steel-framed glazed doors which mirror those between kitchen and garden, delivering more light and a clean and contemporary “opening up” feeling to the spaces.

kitchen design ideas 2023

On the rear wall of the kitchen, panelling of irregular widths creates a relaxed backdrop and the absence of wall-hung cabinets enhances the feeling of space. The space is lit by a skylight. With the steel-framed doors open, the kitchen is seamlessly joined to the garden.

kitchen design ideas 2023

Dedicating a standalone, larder-style cabinet for breakfast items such as plates, bowls, mugs, a kettle, and a coffee maker means if you have to leave in a rush, you have the option of closing the doors rather than leave a mess! Emma advises more drawers than cabinets: “It’s easier to organise drawers and finding things in them is much quicker.” When space allows, an island is a perfect option. A kitchen island has its roots in the “cook’s table,” the workhorse of large Victorian and Edwardian country house kitchens.

kitchen design ideas 2023

The small garden is designed with entertaining in mind with a natural wood table, rattan chairs and baskets full of flowers. This relaxed basement den leads directly to a terrace at the rear of the house.

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