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The Power Of Cold: Super-Cool Skincare For When The Heat Is On

Everything you need to know about the latest skin tech – ice-cool skin in a flash …

It’s time to chill out. Your skincare, that is. Now you can experience the benefits of cryotherapy – the method of using cold temperatures for therapeutic effects – without having to brave the cold. Inspired by the power of cryotherapy, the new Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask, created by family-owned French brand Clarins, combines naturally powerful ingredients with the latest in skincare technology. Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask is an ice-blue face cream/mask with an immediate cooling effect, to give you a glow in a flash.

What’s new?

Clarins Laboratories have invested several years of research into the science of cryotherapy, exploring the positive benefits of cold on the skin, via a natural mechanism called the calcium flash. In cells, calcium acts like a kind of “fuel” by encouraging cell activity, and the rapid influx of calcium into cells is scientifically known as the calcium flash. This is needed for renewal of keratinocytes, the main cells in the epidermis. As we age, distribution of calcium in cells decreases and the calcium flash is less effective; the skin’s barrier function is impaired and skin is more vulnerable to aggressions, as well as becoming dehydrated and finer.

Cold comfort

Contact of the skin with very cold temperatures sparks this vital calcium flash. These findings have led Clarins Research to develop Cryo-Starter Technology, a cutting-edge innovation that originates from the powerful synergy of science and plants. Clarins’ 70 years of skincare expertise, and understanding of the unique power of plants, has resulted in this Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask – a unique skin treatment that delivers a lift effect and fresh, rejuvenating glow. It’s part of Clarins’ exclusive Flash Solutions range, inspired by cutting-edge cosmetic beauty treatments to offer effective, immediate and targeted results.

After screening numerous ingredients with cooling effects, over several years, Clarins Laboratories selected Cryo-Molecule MGA, a menthol derivative. This pure molecule acts like a thermal starter of the calcium flash on the skin: its powerful cooling effect activates the penetration of calcium into cells, and has an intense and immediate cryo-tightening effect. So your skin will feel firmer, straight away.

And that’s not all. While searching for the presence of cryo-active molecules in over 150 plants, Clarins Research came across a “cryo-like” extract of organic evening primrose, a plant resistant to extreme cold, with a molecule scientifically recognised for activating the calcium flash. Other key ingredients in the Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask include horse chestnut, powerful antioxidant edelweiss and organic quinoa, acting to promote firmness, hydration and radiance, as well as reinforcing the skin’s barrier.

The experience

Using the Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask is a spa experience in a single pot. The dense, smooth, ice-blue cream glides over skin like an ice cube. Its silky texture and soft menthol scent are both comforting and cooling. And the unique “cryo-effect” is immediately noticeable – you’ll experience an instant, clinically proven lift and tightening effect. Skin feels cooled and refreshed, boosted by key plant-based ingredients and the power of skin-firming cold. No ice bath required.

Tried & Tested

See the results of the Cryo-Flash Mask for yourself with a complimentary 15-minute treatment at the Clarins Boutique & Spa in Wicklow Street, Dublin 2. I tried it out with therapist Kiko, who first took a picture of my skin with a thermal camera to record its temperature. She removed make-up and cleansed my skin, and then applied the Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask with a brush, leaving it on for ten minutes. The “after” picture using the thermal camera reveals how much cooler your skin is post-treatment; mine dropped by over ten degrees; for example, my forehead was 34.1°C pre-treatment, and 20.6°C after. My skin felt noticeably cooled and refreshed, with a tingling as if I’d swum in cold water. Make-up glides on really well after using it.

Beauty in a flash…

Kiko recommends placing the Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask in a fridge before using, to enhance the cooling sensation. Apply a generous layer of the mask to the whole face, leave for ten minutes and then remove the excess. Use as a treatment, or for an instant boost of hydration throughout the day.

As always with Clarins, there is a focus on responsible beauty, with packaging featuring 40 per cent recycled glass jars, and recycled plastic in the lid. Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask is made with 93 per cent ingredients of natural origin.


Visit your local Clarins stockist, or the Clarins Boutique & Spa on Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, for your complimentary skincare consultation and Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask sample.

Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask, €64 (75ml), is available at Clarins stockists nationwide, Clarins Boutique & Spa on Wicklow Street and on

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