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The New Beauty Launches Catching Our Attention This Week 

From new Jones Road travel kits to iced coffee lip balms, here’s what we’re rating this week – with several winners for ages 40-plus…

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We know THE GLOSS readers are devotees of Jones Road beauty, Bobbi Brown’s make-up and skincare line. Brown is one of those true authorities, and someone who designs make-up that actually works for those of us aged 40 and beyond, rather than just paying lip service to older beauty-lovers. She gets that we’re busy, and that we don’t want huge fuss or a thick mask of make-up. Jones Road is about simplicity and streamlined sophistication. We’ve just heard about her brand-new travel kits – one for make-up (€96), and one for skincare (€70).

“I travel often but I rarely unpack my travel toiletries bag since I dread having to re-pack. The Skincare Travel Kit was born out of necessity to me,” says Brown. The Make-up Travel Kit, meanwhile, features The Gel Bronzer, an exclusive Mini Miracle Balm, The Best Pencil and Just A Sec for definition and shimmer on the eyelids, Cool Gloss for sparkly minty lips, and the new Buff Brush. There are other handy kits available too, including the New Classics Kit (€96).

I haven’t tried out the skincare, but I’m a big fan of the make-up, especially the skin-enhancing Miracle Balms – they just work for mature skin. “Make-up simplified” is the tagline, and Jones Road delivers. 

Shop the new kits on; free shipping on IE orders over €100. 


Lots of brands are doing oils and glosses for lips at the moment. We’re so into Kosas’ Wet Lip Oil Gloss – such a lovely texture, gorgeous to wear, and in flattering shades that avoid that flat, complexion-killer nude. The shades have quite odd names (such as Jellyfish, and even Jaws) but they are lovely nonetheless. Benefit’s version, the over-packaged Splashtint and Plushtint, are a bit watery and feeble – not worth the cash for me, at €26.50 for just 6ml.

I also have my eye on Summer Fridays Lip Balm in Iced Coffee (€26) – there’s a darker Brown Sugar one too. Somehow the coffee connection just clicks, and this shade is naturally delicious. Spend €65 on the brand and you get a little coffee-coloured beauty bag into the bargain.

PS I tried The Ordinary’s Squalane + Amino Acids Lip Balm (€11.40), which seems to have been much raved-about (or, if you prefer, “gone viral”, a staple phrase of beauty press releases now). It launched on June 20 and it’s the brand’s first lip balm. Squalane is a great natural hydrator, it’s true, but I don’t like the plastic container and lid and don’t really get the hype. It really is pretty ordinary, and I prefer the Rhode ones any time, or even Dr Pawpaw. At least it’s affordable, though. Lip “treatments” – or let’s just call them lip balms – are getting more and more expensive, and I struggle with the idea of 6-10ml of (essentially) shea butter costing around €35.


Silver hair does not have to be particularly high-maintenance, but a good purple shampoo or treatment can be helpful. Moroccanoil Treatment Purple features violet pigments for tone-correcting, to help take down brassiness and keep blonde (including highlighted) and grey hair to help smooth, add shine and de-frizz. Just add into your haircare routine two to three times a week. Apply to damp or dry hair; damp hair is best if you want it to help smooth frizz. At salons and online, including, from €18.45. 


A face mist, or setting spray, is refreshing to keep in your bag or on your desk for either a cooling pick-me-up (even when it’s not particularly warm – offices can still be stuffy), or as a final step for your make-up. But prices vary wildly. New into Boots is The Beauty Crop, which does a cute and cheerful cherry-scented Hydrating Dual-Phase Setting Mist that’s decent value at €15 for 100ml. It’s a nice gift idea for a teen. And better value than comparable Pixi mists (€21 for 80ml). For the best value, look to brands like La Roche-Posay and Avene (around €10-12 for 150ml). 


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