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The Kitchen Extension Inspiration You Never Knew You Needed

These kitchen extensions will make you want to start all over again …

A high-end kitchen extension is a definite way to make the hardest working room in the house work even harder. By increasing the space in your kitchen, you are inevitably increasing the living space in the room. It will increase the value of your home, while making the kitchen a more spacious and comfortable environment. A kitchen extension is usually a great way to incorporate more natural light into your room and add some more personality to it. You will of course need planning permission if you are planning a kitchen extension, so certainly talk to your architect, contractor, kitchen designer, any professional involved – before you start knocking down walls. Here is some gorgeous kitchen extension inspiration to get you brainstorming…


It may not look like it now, but this Georgian terraced home had been left to ruin for many years before it was transformed into this airy heaven. The house was treated to a restoration and extension. The extension references a combination of Dutch courtyard paintings, traditional East Asian courtyard houses and monastic cloisters – as you look through the back of the house you can see a play on the cloistered hall. 

The small courtyard has sliding doors which can open it up, as does the entire back of the house which can completely open up the back of the space. It can become this grand open space ready for hosting a summer party, or completely shutting up shop and having an intimate family meal.


Designer and entrepreneur Sonya Lennon had long imagined a sleek new kitchen and living area for her family. The result? A restrained, light-filled, life-enhancing space. The open-plan layout connects the kitchen, dining and living spaces with the kitchen at its heart, which is exactly what Lennon had envisioned for her kitchen renovation.

“We love to cook, eat and entertain, so the new kitchen had to be the centre of the home,” said Lennon. “Arena Kitchens realised our vision with a Corian countertop and graphite cabinets. We used oak panelling on the breakfast counter and window seat which ties in with panelling used throughout the extension. Repeating materials and continuing the Porcelanosa tiles from the new extension outdoors makes the design stronger and spaces appear larger.” See more on Sonya’s extension


This bright and colourful kitchen extension is a fantastic addition to a family home. The kitchen exudes warmth, light and colour and has naturally become a gathering space for this family. This is exactly what they had envisioned for their kitchen extension; a kitchen and dining area full of light and joy. Like many other Victorian terraces, this house had a dark and narrow kitchen previously with no connection to the garden. The rooms didn’t work together and something needed to change for the way the family wanted to live.

By incorporating the side return, Mel Architects created a spacious kitchen and dining area with a WC and space-efficient utility room hidden away. The arched windows with red frames, are inspired by the front façade of the neighbouring properties. The views out to the garden from these windows are something the family never had. The project, it is clear, is infused with the personality of the family and they are evidently creating a home that reflects them, and one that is filled with light, colour and fun.


This family kitchen embraces classic minimalism, with its dark cabinetry and white marble worktops and trendy glass-fronted cabinetry. This kitchen has every component of a perfect family space with ample seating, storage and a skylight. The extension takes a modern turn from its classical origins, with the angular roof and this giant skylight over the centre of the island. The skylight and the glass doors let ample natural light in for a bright and cheery space. The simplicity is beautiful and it is just waiting to host a family gathering – while it is also perfect for an intimate family weekday evening as someone cooks and another does homework.

Experts advice: Even though having lots of windows is a beautiful design idea and letting natural light in is often a priority for the majority of homeowners who are planning a redesign – glazing can get very warm and double glazing can create a bit of a heat trap. Interior designer and Home of The Year Judge Sara Cosgrove tells us that you can be in real trouble with overheating if there is an overload of glazing. It is nice to be able to open a window in your home on a hot day – so make sure to incorporate sliding doors or certainly windows that can open. To read more tips from kitchen expert Sara Cosgrove – read here.


This extension to a family home has the kitchen at the centre of it, which is connected to all of the living spaces. Robert Bourke Architects opted to fill some of the unused patio space to create an addition at the back of the house with a pitched, red metal roof. You can see from the hall the views of all the rearranged living spaces, which are interconnected by the kitchen. There is a new dining space with an informal snug, a new living room with sliding doors to a south-east facing patio. While the areas are all interconnected, they can be kept separate with this clever broken-plan design. Sliding doors, or half walls can keep the areas separate but leave the space feeling open, airy and bright.

There is a circular roof light in the sloping ceiling of the extension which allows sunlight in and casts shifting patterns from morning to late afternoon.


Wine coolers are becoming very popular in new kitchen remodels, with tall and narrow coolers becoming especially trendy at that. The sleekness of the narrow wine cooler looks very cool in an open-plan kitchen extension as it has the space to look good. Siemens boast the IQ700 Wine cooler with glass doors at 212.5 x 45.1cm. With adjustable temperature, and a capacity of 58 bottles, this wine cooler makes your kitchen extension party-ready at any time. Siemens of course has other sizes in wine coolers and cooling drawers so take a look here: Or make an appointment for a consultation at the BSH Home of innovation to see what appliances might best suit you.


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