Sara Cosgrove Shares Her Expert Tips For A Kitchen Redesign

Expert Tips For A Kitchen Redesign From Interior Designer Sara Cosgrove

THE GLOSS and interior designer Sara Cosgrove teamed up to tackle the challenges of kitchen design, and to explore the latest trends. Here are some of Sara’s expert tips to note before you embark on your next renovation or redesign …

THE GLOSS welcomed readers to the Hottest Kitchen event in association with Bosch, Siemens and Neff at the BSH Home of Innovation, on Saturday, February 10. The event began with a delicious brunch before Jane McDonnell, co-founder and publisher of THE GLOSS and THE GLOSS INTERIORS was joined by interior designer and RTÉ Home of the Year judge Sara Cosgrove for a session on the latest trends in kitchen design. Discover some of Sara’s top tips below …

Budget and Planning

The most important thing to do before you embark on a kitchen remodel is to consider how you are going to use the space, the location of the kitchen in your home, the orientation of the rooms and to keep track of what works and doesn’t work for you in your current kitchen. Top tip: By really knowing what you want to get out of the project and focusing on its durability, you can ensure your budget will be money well spent. Image via;

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are very personal, and although there is still an appetite for extravagance, according to Sara, the most important aspect of an island is in the spacial planning. It is all about the proportions and it is important to have an island that fits and works in your space and works for your way of life. Never oversize your island at the compromise of other living areas, Sara advises. Top tip: Don’t go over 1400mm in island depth, you won’t be able to clean the middle of it if you go any deeper! Image via;

Hand Painted or Spray Painted Cabinetry

The dilemma of choosing between hand paint and spray paint is a question of budget, practicality and durability. Sara says that spray paint is very durable and so is especially great if you have a young family. Hand-painted kitchens look much softer, however, you will need a maintenance programme with hand-painted kitchens. It is great to have a pot of the correct shade on hand if you need to do some top-ups. A hand-painted kitchen also grants flexibility as you can change your kitchen colour easily. Top tip: Navy is a good choice if you want to have a colour in your kitchen but you don’t want it to be too loud.


If you opt for timber flooring in your kitchen, incorporating a shuffle zone (a tiled area around your sink) is a smart design choice. This is the area of the kitchen that gets the most water splashes, spillages, wear and tear and so the timber floor can get destroyed. The tiles of the shuffle zone will take that on. Sara will be incorporating a shuffle zone in her new kitchen redesign. Top tip: This is a feature that can always be retrofitted so do not panic if it is not on the immediate plans. Image via;


The sink is undoubtedly a very important part of the kitchen. Sara recommends a sink that has a chopping board and a drainer integrated in it. It is all about the space saving mechanisms, says Sara. A split sink is good if you need the extra space and dual function for your sink, but it might not work if you use a lot of large roasting trays, it all depends on how you use your kitchen. Quooker is a brand that offers boiling water, filtered chilled and sparkling water, and regular hot and cold all from the same tap; Studies have shown that we always boil double of what we need in a kettle so having the exact amount of boiling water that we need at our finger tips cuts down on that waste. Top tip: A sink with square corners is harder to clean, so try and get one with rounded corners if you’re looking for a time-saving hack! Sara also recommends the brand Caple for innovative sink designs;

Innovative Appliances

Sara is looking at serious innovations in the world of appliances, one of the major ones to note is the induction hob. Nobody is banging holes in walls anymore, she says, the integrated extraction is a huge development in technology, and one we need to make the most of. Another development in technology is the Home Connect App, with which you can now download additional functions onto your Siemens oven, like the airfryer function! Wine fridges are also very trendy at the moment. Top tip: Read the manual! Learn about your appliance so you can make the most of it or simply book a demonstration at the Home of Innovation to find out all you need to know.

Appliance Customisation

Sara is seeing a serious quest for personalisation in kitchens and certain appliance brands offer that service. NEFF has introduced customisation for their ovens in different trims, making the oven face feel a bit more discrete and in style with the rest of the kitchen. Top tip: Read more about it here.


When it comes to lighting, it is a nice design choice to incorporate task lighting and decorative lighting, so that it can all come together and create an ambient atmosphere, says Sara. Top tip: Incorporating a Scandinavian style light amidst a contemporary or the period style kitchen adds a real element of interest to the space. PH 5 Mini, Louis Poulsen, from €934, available at Nordic Elements.


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