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Let Your Kitchen Appliances Reflect Your Style With NEFF’s Refreshed Ovens

It is important that our kitchen, the heart of the home, our gathering space, reflects our personality. Now you can make sure it does… right down to your oven

NEFF Home Kitchen Innovators have refreshed and refined their N90 and N70 ovens for 2023 and they are all for celebrating individuality. They have included a wide range of on-trend finishes from Flex Design handles to attractive side trims. The updated ovens boast a sleek, streamlined design with the use of varying Flex Design in four different colours and the inclusion of intuitive touch screens. NEFF has also announced the launch of their new Graphite Grey finish for the N90 and N70 ovens to add to the mix of ways you can make your kitchen appliances reflect you and your style.

Flex Design

NEFF’s new Flex Design trims and handles are available only exclusively through their kitchen showrooms – they are available in four distinct finishes – Deep Black, Anthracite Grey, Metallic Silver and Brushed Bronze.

Deep Black trim, one of the NEFF Flex Design Options

In addition to framing the banks of the ovens, the Flex Design trims can also be used as an add-on accent to an angled chimney hood, or as a side strip to an induction hob. The four new trims are available in seven different lengths, allowing for ultimate customisation, which of course means ultimate self expression through the design of your kitchen oven. Conveniently, the trims can even be used when you stack a compact oven and a microwave, a single oven and a small warming drawer – or even two single ovens in a tall bank. Once you have tried one of the trims you will want to try them all and the beauty of these Flex Designs is that you can!

Brushed Bronze trim, one of the new NEFF Flex Design options.

High-Resolution Full Touch Screens

Not only can you customise the colour and look on your NEFF oven – the N90 and N70 ovens also feature Full Touch Screen interfaces with higher resolution displays. These interfaces offer intuitive and responsive swipe and tap controls, providing you with ultimate flexibility while cooking and it will help your modern kitchen work even more seamlessly.

Metallic Silver trim, one of the new NEFF Flex Design options.

Twist Pad Flex 

In addition to the elements mentioned above, some of the N90 ovens can be operated by Twist Pad Flex. The Twist Pad is usually on NEFF induction hobs and offers intuitive control and is removable for easy cleaning. It can be snapped into place on the Full Touch Screen 3 of a compatible oven or coffee machine – therefore you can have both dial control and the touchscreen control.

Anthracite Grey trim, one of the new NEFF Flex Design options.

Air Fry

The N90 built-in oven has the added steam function and the inclusion of one Air Fry grid – perfect for painless meal prep.

Graphite Grey

Graphite Grey is a modern kitchen trend for 2023. The Graphite Grey colour is available on the trims and handles of the N90 and N70 ovens – perfect for anyone seeking a sophisticated look for their entire kitchen. If you have opted for a cool, dark and moody look or a contemporary, minimal look this Graphite Grey oven is a great choice for you. The Graphite Grey is available on single ovens, compact ovens, warming drawers and as a trim on the TristPad control on selected hobs as well.

Find out more at www.neff-home.com/ie

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