Journaling To Heal: Week Five



We’re all familiar with Socrates’ truism, know thyself but we’re not so familiar with how to find out who we truly are. This week’s topic is how to use journaling as a tool for self-enquiry. Most of us are a tangle of paradox and contradiction – saying one thing and doing another, wanting one thing but settling for something different and living lives that do not really reflect the truth of who we are.

Socrates also said that “the unexamined life is not worth living” so I’m happy to share that journaling is a powerful method both for getting to know ourselves and for examining the lives we are living. Creating a space to put the jumble of our lives down onto the page helps us to tease apart the threads of who we are and the complex situations in which we find ourselves.

Begin by writing the most fundamental question of all across the top of a new page: Who am I? Then proceed to answer it either by making a list of all the things you can say about yourself or else by writing your personal story. It’s most likely you will begin with signifiers such as your name, your age, family or marital situation and your profession for example. While these things are certainly true, they do not begin to get to the heart of who you are behind all those self-identifying descriptions.
When you reach the end of your list it will be clear that you haven’t yet captured the essence of who you are. All the things we say of ourselves could easily be different or could change overnight but we know there is some part of us that will persist and remain constant throughout all possible change That is the part of us we are trying to access.

Saying ‘I am Aedamar’ tells people precisely nothing about who I actually am. The deeper part of us is harder to describe and to articulate yet this is the part of us that we long to access so I encourage you to explore this in your journal, going ever deeper into the truth of who you know yourself to be. Because knowing who you are in your authenticity makes living your best life a whole lot easier.

This frustration we feel at the difficulty of describing who we really are leads to the most important journaling question of all: Who do I want to be? Once more, write this question across the top of a new page and then begin describing how and who you would like to be in an ideal world and the life that you would prefer to be living.

Paint a colourful and detailed a picture of who you would be if you had the freedom to be and do what you truly wish for in life. Write as if there were no impediments or limits to what’s possible. Name the aspects of yourself and your life that you would like to change, write as if there are no rules about you ‘should’ be in life, no limits to what is possible for you. Be bold, be brave, be courageous. Colour outside the lines, break the rules, dream, envision and put down on the page all that you long for, for yourself, and for your life.

Don’t despair about the gap that will inevitably show up between how you are in your life today against who you would like to be. The gap holds the gold. It’s crucial to identify the gap because the desire to bridge that gap is precisely what allows for meaningful change in our lives.

It’s only when we know what our dreams actually are that we can set about making them a reality in our lives. Take the golden opportunity of your daily journaling practice to start moving towards the life you really want. Allow your imagination to run wild, describe the life you want to live and the person you truly want to be.

Journaling is the safest way to begin this work. Use the page to envisage possible paths forwards – play with ideas, options and alternatives. Describe in detail the future you want to be living and soon you will find that in some mysterious way the energies of life begin to align with your dreams and help you to birth them into a living reality.

By writing your future onto the page you breathe life into it. By giving voice to the future you want you give it permission to become your living reality. Bridge the gap between the life you are living and the life you would like to be living by writing, dreaming and then living the life you were born to live.

Happy writing. Happy living!

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