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How to Get High-Tech Facials – At Home

During the winter, we want our skin to look as healthy and glowing as possible. And so we’re looking to the latest in technology and home treatments. Welcome to your new skin ritual …

Cleansing and toning our skin properly are cornerstones of every skincare routine. It’s why we rely on good facials, with thorough cleansing and facial massage to leave us feeling uplifted and with a radiant complexion. And now there is a high-tech, at-home equivalent that can deliver the same great results as the salon experience. Irish company Cosaint ( has a range of skincare devices available online and from The Wicklow Street Clinic, Dublin 2 (

Here’s why we want to know more:


The Cosaint Compact Ultrasonic Skin Peeler is a new-wave tool offering multiple benefits. Designed to mimic the actions of a beauty therapist, this device works to lift, tone and cleanse your face and neck – all at the same time.

Easy to use, this device has two modes: first, the deep cleansing mode, where ultrasonic vibrations work to push out dirt and oil, clearing away dead skin cells and other debris that can clog pores and create spots. The silver spatula is especially useful for extracting clogged pores around the nose. So this is an ideal tool for anyone struggling with congested skin and blocked pores.

Then, use the Compact Ultrasonic Skin Peeler to complete your ritual using the Lifting Mode, which stimulates circulation and tones facial muscles. It’s as if you’re having a professional facial every day of the week. TIP: Use the Lifting Mode for just a few minutes before a night out or special occasion to give you an instant refresh – it’s an immediate way to a fresh and healthy look.

This device doesn’t just offer a one-off boost. With its combined benefits of facial massage and deep cleansing, the Cosaint Skin Peeler can also help to lengthen the effects of salon treatments, such as galvanic treatments, extraction facials, microdermabrasion and microneedling. €249, from


Recent studies in skincare have shown that the most important part of our beauty regime, second to using SPF daily, is to cleanse skin thoroughly. But let’s be honest – we don’t always put the effort in, and cleansing can be a chore, especially during holidays when we’re having late nights. So we’re welcoming Cosaint’s innovative new Cleansing Brush and Eye Toner, which takes all the effort out of cleansing our skin, and does the job gently and effectively.

The Cleansing Brush’s oscillating hygienic medical-grade silicone bristles vibrate to create a gentle action, dislodging make-up, dirt and debris. You can use it with your favourite cleanser, whether oil- or water-based, or a cream. The Cleansing Brush also massages, tones and firms the delicate skin area under the eyes to help tone and smooth, minimising the look of fatigue, wrinkles and fine lines. It has a unique heating function to soothe the eye area with thermal massage. €149 from Both devices come with USB charger.

Watch this YouTube video for more details:

These high-tech home treatments are worth investigating – because great skin starts with great home care.


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