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Glossip: What You Can Expect to Find in THE GLOSS January Issue

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“It’s starting to seem like dressing in-season has gone out of fashion, like recently old clothes are the new new,” believes the author and blogger Leandra Cohen (founder of the fashion and lifestyle website Man Repeller). Cohen links the trajectory of fashion and style to broader cultural shifts which have taken place during the pandemic, when many of us reassessed our lifestyles. As a result, Cohen explains “narrative dressing” is on the rise, and that “unrecognisable” clothes are a new luxury, reflecting the wearer’s character and consumer consciousness more than their financial clout.

Before any annual wardrobe declutter begins, knowing how and where to dispose of unworn clothes sustainably is vital. The January issue is dedicated to pre-loved fashion, pages 12-18. Whether buying, selling or swapping clothes or accesories online, at auction, during parties with friends or at specialist boutiques, we profile experts such as Anne Marie Gee of Catwalkgee, Armelle Mitchell of No 38 and Meg Randell of Bonhams who offer tips and advice for making more considered future purchases.

Someone who always checks her credit card receipts carefully is ex-Vogue creative director Grace Coddington. Who can forget the case Coddington brought against her Irish former PA whom she accused of stealing the commission accrued on the sale of unwanted designer items sold via online consignment store TheRealReal? Coddington’s canniness in repurposing unwanted gifts is the real lesson in this tale.

It’s good to see the wider fashion community has embraced pre-loved fashion. American designer Harris Reed created a capsule “demi couture” collection called “Found” from repurposed wedding dresses from charity shops. Encore by Oscar de la Renta is the newly launched resale platform to extend the life and utility of exceptional heritage pieces. Sellers on Encore can donate the sales of their proceeds to various charities such as Dress for Success and Habitat for Humanity.

This chimes with the idea of taking a more considered approach to life in general, related to collective concern for the environment. As (in theory) committed climatarians, how do we make enjoying the luxuries in life less wasteful and still wonderful? Holly Hughes takes a smart approach to this most urgent of questions, page 10. Trish Deseine provides reassurance that a greener, leaner climatarian diet is not as difficult as it seems, page 26. For further proof, read the guide on how to make one positive, easily achievable sustainable change each month, page 28.

The digital world apparently inspired the vibrant “Very Peri”, a completely new shade of periwinkle blue and Pantone’s colour of the year, which we have used on our masthead this month. This colour is said to represent “a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity” which hopefully translates to our communal mindset in 2022.

As for must-have accessories, this winter it’s all about the bird box. A recent survey by The World Economic Forum has revealed the happiest Europeans are those who see the most bird species in their day-to-day life. Patrick Croke of Connecting to Nature, an Irish-based organisation supporting nature therapy, says: “Feeding birds during the ‘hungry gap’ from now until the start of spring is a very good way of feeling closer to nature and bringing wildlife closer to you.”

Pick up THE GLOSS & The Mix January issue, on newsstands nationwide now, to read more.


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