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At Close Range: An Interview With Bryan O’Sullivan, Interior Designer


Interior designer Bryan O’Sullivan talks happiness, virtues and good taste … 

Your favourite virtue Friendliness. Your favourite qualities in a man I don’t believe in discrimination between the sexes and would say humour, patience and ambition. Your favourite qualities in a woman As above. Your chief characteristic Optimism. What you appreciate the most in your friends Loyalty. Your main fault Being stubborn. Your favourite occupation Family time, hiking and cooking. Your idea of happiness Hanging out with my son, Cosmo. Your idea of misery Sitting through a game of cricket. Your current state of mind Regaling after the most incredible wedding in Puglia. Your favourite colour and flower If I had to say a colour, it would be light blue. Something that blooms in spring, most likely a daffodil. They are so simple in their beauty and bountiful.

An interior by Bryan O’Sullivan Studio (BOS Studio), London.

Most overrated virtue There is no such thing, they’re all great. Which talent would you most like to possess I’d love to be a better singer. Your favourite author fiction Patroclus in The Song For Achilles. Your favourite artist Egon Schiele. Your favourite musical artists and composers Madonna, Philip Glass, and my husband James. The principal aspects of my personality Gentle and driven. Your idea of good taste Paris. The quality I look for in my surroundings Comfort. The country where I would like to live I feel very content living between London and New York, but do love home [Co Kerry].

Tell us about a recent creative opportunity? Most recently, I’ve really enjoyed working on my debut book, published by Rizzoli, A New Glamour. It’s been such a creative outlet; an opportunity to look back on and share some of my favourite projects to date. Materials, colours and finishes you cannot get enough of? I love marble. Some find it overpowering, but I absolutely love it. It’s beautiful, elegant and in all its forms, colours and finishes, always brings an element of surprise. I look to the road ahead with … Hope, happiness and excitement for what lies ahead.


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