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5 Comfy But Polished Travel Outfits We’ll Be Trying

We wouldn’t mind debuting these looks at baggage collection …

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If there’s anything style influencer Lucy Williams is an expert in it’s airport looks. The queen of off-duty dressing favours lightweight layers: think loose fit T-shirts layered with striped shirts in unexpected colours such as raspberry pink, a hero red knit around the waist and a pair of statement linen trousers.

A cotton crewneck jumper may be erring on the side of casual, but you can dress it up with accessories: opt for a structured tan shopper, polished gold bangles and a dainty leather strap watch. 

Not everyone will be willing to tempt fate and travel wearing light colours, however those of us who are blessedly co-ordinated non-spillers will revel in this neutral look worn by style influencer Monikh. Seek out similar drawstring trousers at Arket and H&M. 

A good knit and trainers are a perfect combination that’ll see you through taxi journeys and coffee stops at the airport. However, it’s a look that’s not just about aesthetics: wearing your bulkiest pieces – trainers, knits and lightweight jackets – while travelling is the best way to cut down on suitcase weight, especially if you’re only travelling with hand luggage (read our guide to travelling with a 10kg bag here). 

A pair of linen coordinates are a statement airport look that is at once comfortable but polished. As well as being ultra-comfortable, these pieces can be mixed and matched with denim cut-offs and tank tops to create multiple holiday outfits. 


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