Where We Stand On Fashion Now: Loving Local


Three months of lockdown changed the way I think about shopping. With shops being closed, social interactions curtailed and multiple recent house moves I began to learn to live with less. On one recent move I was alarmed at the sheer volume of stuff that I own. Looking at everything packed into boxes was a cure for buying anything new. I found that once the option was taken away from me I didn’t miss shopping. I still scrolled through online shops occasionally but found that when it came time to check out, I didn’t want to pursue the purchase. I think we could all begin to reduce our consumption. Most of us have far more clothes than we can wear regularly. Over the past few years I’ve built up the backbone of a capsule wardrobe which serves me well.

If I do shop this season it will be from Irish stores and local independent boutiques who need my custom.

We all have our own sustainability journeys and for me the most important (and realistic) elements that I try to incorporate are buying for longevity instead of following trends and investing in the best quality that I can find and afford, so that the clothes that I do buy will last me a long time. If I do shop this season it will be from Irish stores and local independent boutiques who need my custom and I’ll also try to incorporate more pre-loved and vintage fashion into my wardrobe. There are so many beautiful, unique and well-made clothes still in circulation. Favourite websites for pre-loved browsing are Retold Vintage, Imparfaite Paris and Vestiaire Collective. I still enjoy the beauty of fashion, watching the shows (virtually) and admiring the creativity involved in the new season collections – particularly Victoria Beckham’s tweed tailoring, Jil Sander’s fluid silhouettes and The Row’s effortless tonal layering. But I’ll try to introduce new trends in my own way.


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