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What To Put On Your Skin After a Day In The Sun


Hopefully, if you’ve been outside during these glorious sunny days, you’ve been lashing on the SPF50 and protecting yourself. Though judging by the acres of ragingly red skin on view this weekend, not everyone managed to. If you overdid it, aloe vera gel can help cool the skin and take down redness (The Body Shop’s Aloe Soothing Gel, €25, is a good option). As well as damaging your skin, the sun really dries it out too. Here are four other post-sun creams to help put some moisture back (with the extra benefit of scenting it).

1 The natural one

We’re trying out Caudalie’s new Tan Prolonging After-Sun Lotion (€15, www.caudalie.com), a blend of organic coconut oil and grape water, aloe vera and, weirdly, natural pea extract (apparently it helps to prolong your tan). We like the new lighter weight packaging, using less plastic, and the lightly moisturising feel of this lotion. It has a beautifully fresh scent plus plant-origin squalane, a great natural moisturiser. Also on the natural front, Neom’s Magnesium Body Butters are rich and fragrant with natural oils (€49, at www.seagreen.ie); try Real Luxury, with lavender and jasmine.

2 The luxury one

I didn’t want to like this one: the packaging is nothing special, and it is seriously expensive. But Swiss brand Valmont’s Body 24 Hour moisturizer is properly satiny and beautiful on the skin – lightly floral with an amazingly long-lasting effect. A pot of it will last for ages. From €95 at Harvey Nichols and www.skinbyolga.ie. I admit to a soft spot for L’Occitane’s almond range, especially the Milk Concentrate (€46, www.ie.loccitane.com), as it sinks into skin so easily and smells divine. Use the Almond Shower Oil too (from €22, with eco-friendly refills available) and your skin will sigh with relief.

3 The pharmacy one

The original Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is €4 and smells like holidays. Body creams around this price tend to contain mineral oil (a petroleum derivative), though, which seals and smooths the skin (it creates a protective barrier) but can lead to blocked pores, so if you prefer to avoid, go for the Natural Vitamin E Body Lotion version instead (€5.33 at pharmacies nationwide), which features soybean, sweet almond and coconut oils instead.

4 The fragrant one

I’m not entirely convinced about this one’s hydrating properties – it has perfume high up on the ingredients list, which is drying to the skin – but still find & Other Stories’ Perle de Coco Glow Body Lotion weirdly addictive. I usually hate things that smell like caramel and vanilla – usually I’d have to wash anything like that off my skin – but this gorgeous rosy-beige coloured cream just smells delicious. The secret is that the brand tends to work with great perfumers, such as Byredo’s Jérôme Epinette. There’s sweet almond oil in this plus shea butter, and it leaves a subtle glamorous glow on your skin. There’s a hair perfume, hand lotion and body scrub in the same scent, too. www.stories.com


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