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We Need To Talk About Smart Kitchens

Just when you think kitchens have fully evolved…here come smart kitchens! we are curious …

In a world of AI, X (?!), Meta, Alexa, Google Assistant and whatever else is coming next – it was inevitable that our homes and kitchens would become subject to smartening up via technology. The experts have delivered and it is time to talk about it. Whether you are looking for a full technological kitchen refresh (complete with interconnected appliances that can be controlled remotely by your phone) or you want a contemporary look with streamlined kitchen appliances, 2023 has seen it all. If you are searching for the highest quality and latest technology in kitchen appliances or even just a practically designed kitchen – that is clever too – this is where to start. Here is our smart kitchen inspiration guide …


If you’re thinking of going smart – do it right and do it all! Siemens Home Appliances has launched its Intelligent Kitchen, a new and exciting concept which aims to turn connected kitchen appliances into streamlined, intelligent tools. Siemens’ vision is to empower their customers to live healthily, consciously and to own more of their time – things we all strive for! Siemens is bringing appliances from all product categories together through technology, design, app functionality or Alexa and Google Assistant, to create a completely connected ecosystem in the home. Read more about the Intelligent Kitchen on thegloss.ie.

The Home Connect App will be your new best friend. With Siemens Smart Home Appliances and the Home Connect App you can remote control your appliances – and start, stop, pause and change settings from everywhere, or even checking the fridge from the shop or sending a recipe straight to your oven by simply using your smartphone or tablet. www.siemens-home.bsh-group.com


Clever appliances that work for you and with you – whatever way you like to cook or prepare food – are very important. Neff ovens are a great choice, especially if you are an enthusiastic cook who likes to have the option of multiple oven functions. Trish Deseine – our fabulous food editor – uses her Neff oven and induction hob to create her seasonal menus for the ‘Chez Moi! At Home with Trish Deseine and Neff’ series,’ with many types of dishes, cuisines and temperatures the Neff oven keeps up with her expert cooking. There are twelve different cooking settings in a Neff oven – the CircoTherm function, for example, allows you to cook food on multiple levels without flavours intermingling and the CircoRoasting circulates hot air around the food consistently – which is perfect for roasting whole fish and pieces of meat. There is also a Full Surface Grill, Dough Proving, Defrosting and more.

As for the Neff Induction Hob – it can detect the number, size and shape of pots and pans used and heat them up precisely where needed. www.neff-home.com/ie


Smart kitchens should be modern, sleek and streamlined so storage needs to be plentiful – but minimal. The experts at O’Connors of Drumleck say ALWAYS use vertical storage. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is a must in a modern, minimal kitchen. Making good use of the door racks is important too – you will be surprised how capacious they can be for storing food. www.oconnorsofdrumleck.ie


Smart, organised workspaces are key to keeping a kitchen working smoothly. Multi-functional elements are always practical. Bulthaup B2 design is inspired by the golden rule of craftsmanship “Tools and materials must always be kept tidy and close at hand.” This organisational principle turns kitchens into workshops with an abundance of freedom to move around. It reduces the kitchen to three sculptural elements; the kitchen tool cabinet, the workbench and the kitchen appliance cabinet. They are liberated from static walls, therefore these objects can be combined at will in the room, and can also adapt to new spatial circumstances. www.bulthaup.com


Alexa acts as an all encompassing helping hand in the kitchen. From maintaining lists for shopping and to-dos, all you have to do is instruct her what you want to add and which list you want to add it to. When cooking she can convert units, keep timers, control your smart cookers – like Siemens appliances, ask her for recipes or even which wines to pair with foods. An Alexa device will make working around the kitchen quick, easy and practical. The Echo Show 15 has a full HD Smart Display so you can watch clips, leave notes, play music and so much more. Available www.currys.ie.


If your budget allows for some smart accessories than a Quooker tap is one for the list. It looks cool and is practically sized and shaped – but the Irish in us cannot help but love the boiling water available from the tap in an instant. No more watching kettles boil here. Combine your Quooker with a CUBE and get chilled sparkling water, or get the model with a flexible pull-out hose for extra reach in the sink. www.quooker.ie


If you don’t have an Air Fryer you need one. The Ninja available in Brown Thomas has two independent cooking zones, is faster than normal ovens, you can mix and match cooking programmes and it times temperatures across drawers all to create delicious meals in moments. If all else fails and your hopes of a grand smart kitchen redesign can’t come true just yet, this clever piece of kit will help get you by for the time being. www.brownthomas.com


This tap is perfect for the baker or chef with an eye for detail – or for those of us that have pushed the measuring jug just a bit too far to the back of the cupboard. This Bristan Gallery tap features innovative technology that delivers exactly the right amount of water before automatically turning off. With 17 pre-set measurements in millilitres, pints and cups – all you have to do is turn the measuring dial to choose the volume you want, just like that. The side lever can always be used for regular water flow. Smart, simple and precise. www.taps4less.ie

We have collated the top 27 kitchen design companies and appliance manufacturers, all featured in The Gloss, The Gloss Interiors and on thegloss.ie. In this list you will find the people to help you design your dream kitchen and bring your space to life – whatever style that may be. Save THE GLOSS Kitchen Design Directory to refer to for your next kitchen project – be it a renovation or refresh.

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