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Optimise Your Life With The Intelligent Kitchen By Siemens

Siemens Home Appliances have announced the launch of Intelligent Kitchen, a concept formulated to optimise your everyday in a sustainable and enjoyable way

Siemens Home Appliances has announced the launch of Intelligent Kitchen, their new and exciting concept which aims to turn connected kitchen appliances into streamlined, intelligent tools. Siemens’ vision is to empower their customers to live healthily, consciously and to own more of their time, things we all strive for. Siemens is bringing appliances from all product categories together through technology, design, app functionality or Alexa and Google Assistant, to create a completely connected ecosystem in the home. By making our homes more beautiful, intelligent and easy to use, Siemens aims to make life easier, more sustainable and fun! www.siemens.com


The Siemens oven range has a number of special features to save you time and stress in the evenings. By using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, the iQ700 oven can be controlled by voice commands and with the Oven Assistant you can select the right setting for a dish. With the Home Connect app you can change the oven settings, or select start and end cooking times, all of which can be done from the comfort of your sofa.


Intelligent Kitchen allows you to access appliances and control the kitchen remotely. Now that we’re back in the office, we can check on our kitchens before we arrive home. Integrated cameras let users quickly check inside the fridge for ingredients or watch the food in the oven from a smartphone. Users can also allow technicians to access information and diagnose issues remotely with the Home Connect App. This means no more sitting at home awaiting for repairmen.


All this remoteness might seem new and alarming, but the intelligent additions in each appliance allow them to deliver the best results possible. There is no more burning dinner with an intelligent hob and the smart roasting, baking and frying sensors adjust the heat levels before its too late.


When it comes to the dishwasher, you can save time by letting the appliance select the right settings and speed up the cycle when needed. With the Home Connect app, it is possible to tell the dishwasher how satisfied you are with the programme duration and the cleaning and drying results. The dishwasher will adjust its settings and create a customized programme.


When it comes to the fridge, a voice-controlled cooling appliance can open the door effortlessly via openAssist. A simple command or a gentle push is all it takes for the fridge door to open. Another feature is the optimal temperature adjustment which creates ideal storage conditions to keep food fresh for much longer.


As consumers, we are becoming increasingly aware of our carbon footprint and we are all seeking ways to reduce our consumption. The Intelligent Kitchen assists with this by including a number of eco-innovations. For example, the dosing system or i- Dos in Siemens dishwashers, can help you save up to 38 percent of detergent. Using the Home Connect App you can scan the barcode of your detergent bottle and the app will send all relevant data, including water hardness and detergent dosage strength to the i-Dos system, which calculates the optimal settings. As a result, the system also helps save water!

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