Trish Deseine’s Elderflower Fritters


Nature has been putting on quite a show during lockdown and my Elderflower tree is now completely covered in blooms. Time to make fritters! Have everything prepared and ready, and make sure you don’t  pick the flowers any longer than 30 minutes before cooking as they wilt very quickly.

For 4
10 minutes preparation
10 minutes cooking

10 – 12 elderflower blooms
2 teaspoons cornflour
115g self raising flour
1 egg
180ml ice cold Perrier
Vegetable oil for frying
Caster or icing sugar for serving

Leave a little stalk on the blooms so you can handle them in the hot oil. Shake off any beasties which might be lurking between the flowers!

Heat about 2cm depth of oil in a saucepan big enough for a flower. It’s best to cook them one by one. Mix together the flour, cornflour. Beat the egg with the Perrier and slowly pour the mixture into the flower. Whisk until combined.

Dip the flowers into the batter quickly, then immediately into the hot oil – being very careful not to splash and burn yourself. Cook for just 30 seconds to one minute, until the batter is a light golden colour and crisp.

Remove from the oil and drain on some kitchen paper. Sprinkle with the sugar and serve.


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