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2 weeks ago

The GLOSSiest Beauty Panel Report on the New Aveeno® Scalp Soothing Haircare Range

A wide range of ages and hair types, The GLOSSiest Beauty Panel have been trying out the Aveeno® Scalp Soothing Haircare range. Here’s what they thought …

Over the past month, members of our beauty panel, The GLOSSiest, have been trying out a new range: Aveeno® Scalp Soothing Haircare. A wide range of ages and hair types, our panellists tested the new Daily Moisture+ Oat Milk shampoo and conditioner plus one other range to suit their hair type: Volumising+ Fresh Greens, Colour Protect+ Blackberry & Quinoa, Gentle Moisture+ Rose Water & Chamomile, Clarify & Shine+ Apple Cider Vinegar, and Frizz Calming+ Almond Oil.

We also talked about their hair in general. 95 per cent feel that the pandemic and past year have made them change their haircare routine and habits. These changes include not going to the hairdressers as often (more than 68 per cent); not washing hair as often (52 per cent); and investing more in home treatments (42 per cent). Most describe their hair type as dry and frizzy (55 per cent); dry/damaged was also common.

Scalp Care is Hair Care

The experts at Aveeno understand that a healthy scalp is the foundation of beautiful hair. Formulated with colloidal oats, the Scalp Soothing Haircare range is clinically proven to soothe dry, itchy and sensitive scalps while botanical ingredients target specific hair needs. The range is pH balanced, sulphate-free and gentle for sensitive skin, and respect the scalp and hair’s natural pH levels by gently cleansing the hair without stripping its natural oils.

Do you ever consider your scalp? 55 per cent of our panellists said they did, regularly (20 per cent sometimes), while 65 per cent of them experienced a dry, itchy or sensitive scalp regularly or sometimes. When choosing haircare, most consider hair type/need first (95 per cent). Scent is more important than price for half our testers. They also consider recommendations (45 per cent), eco-friendly formulas (30 per cent) and ingredients (30 per cent).

Your daily oats

The Daily Moisture+ Oat Milk Shampoo and Conditioner was a hit: nearly all the testers, across a wide range of hair types, loved or liked it. Responses included: “Nice smell, good lather and easy to rinse out after use.” “It cleaned my hair really well and was very gentle.” “My hair felt softer and less flyaway, no scalp irritation.”

Some 40 per cent rated this range excellent, with a majority grading it 9/10. All but two loved the scent, while 70 per cent liked the ingredients used. Asked how their scalp felt after use, 90 per cent gave the products 7/10 or higher, and the majority loved how their hair looked and felt after using it. Carmel commented: “I loved the Oat Milk – lovely thick formula, great lather and scent and washed out easily too. Hair and scalp felt healthy and shiny.”

Making a change

How did Aveeno Daily Moisture+ Oat Milk shampoo and conditioner compare to testers’ usual choices?

“Compared really well to my usual products, which are substantially more expensive. My curls were soft and defined and my hair was soft with a nice shine. I will purchase again.” Clare

“I have always bought shampoo and conditioner from the salon but I was truly impressed with the Aveeno range and how it stood up to popular salon brands.” Sarah

“Pleasantly surprised – products surpassed my expectations – as good if not better than my usual much more expensive combination. My scalp certainly felt better – I liked how silky my hair felt.” Lorraine

“Very good, I will continue to use them. I was so impressed with the conditioner in particular as it was a wonder at detangling curly hair.” Deirdre

“I usually buy my shampoo in hairdressers and stick to that brand. This is a good cheaper option.” Brid

“Compared well – I normally use Kerastase and Olaplex.” Grainne

“These products compared really well with others I have used. Quite often my scalp reacts to any change of shampoo but it really likes these Aveeno formulas. Both shampoo and conditioner felt rich and luxurious.” Catherine

“I most frequently use a salon brand, and the results were remarkable given the price differential.” Rosemarie

“Hair was noticeably more healthy-looking and shiny.” Margaret

“The scents were lovely, I loved the gentle ingredients and it left my hair feeling soft and shiny and provided a thorough clean …” Isabelle

A range of choices

With the second range they tried, 100 per cent of testers said they liked or loved the shampoo and conditioner:

“The smell was so delicious and natural, my hair was just as soft and more hydrated.” Rosemarie [Colour Protect+ Blackberry + Quinoa]

“The smell was great. My son loved it and used it quite a bit.” Louise [Clarify & Shine+ Apple Cider Vinegar]

“The Almond Oil shampoo and conditioner worked really well for me. It hasn’t completely eliminated my frizz but works really well with my Dyson AirWrap.” Catherine

“The lovely thick conditioner left my hair feeling well conditioned. My hair has definitely improved with softness.” Suzanne [Gentle Moisture+ Rose Water & Chamomile]

The overview

Would our testers buy Aveeno Scalp Soothing Haircare in future? 85 per cent said they would, with 90 per cent saying they would recommend it to others. More than 47 per cent felt their scalp was soothed, calm and healthy-looking after the trial, with 21 per cent saying their hair felt and looked more naturally beautiful. Two testers felt the packaging didn’t do the products justice. But overall, testers were impressed with the performance at this price range: “I will use these products again – I am a big fan of Aveeno skincare and the haircare didn’t disappoint.” Rosemarie “Overall I loved the range and will continue to use them.” Grainne “Highly recommended products from a trusted brand.” Margaret

The AVEENO® Haircare range is available from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide, €9.99 each. To find the right AVEENO® product for you, visit


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