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2 months ago

Time To Spark Joy: Why You Might Need A Life Coach


It has been universally acknowledged that women have been disproportionately affected by the global pandemic, meeting the majority of the demands for housework and caregiving. Experienced Irish life coach Dani Sheil explains how balancing responsibility and duty with self-care is a priority …

For many, this year has been a seemingly never-ending cycle of Zoom meetings, family commitments, online schooling, anxiety about the future, with interrupted sleep and flagging energy levels a by-product. This mental and physical fatigue mean that many women are guilty of neglecting their self-care. Duty has been prioritised rather than joy.

“So many of my clients tell me that a glass of wine and a Netflix session are all they can muster in the evenings,” says life coach Dani Sheil. While there is nothing wrong with this form of relaxation, Dani believes that creating time to do things that bring joy – whether that is meeting friends, playing the violin or doing some yoga – is important.

“One of the ways to improve your life quality is participating in activities that bring you into a state of flow,” she suggests. “Flow state or being ‘in the zone’ is when you are totally absorbed and deeply focused on something, where time feels like it has slowed down and all your senses are heightened. This state is accessible to everyone and in many pursuits, whether it’s doing daily tasks, taking exercise or being creative. Some of the benefits of being in flow state are greater emotional balance, enjoyment, fulfilment and happiness. It has benefits at home and at work with increased engagement, performance and growth.”

Carving out time for self without feeling guilty is one of the Dani’s core beliefs. With over 20 years in the wellbeing field, Dani has coached hundreds of smart, intelligent woman to explore limiting beliefs, triggers and blocks that prevent positive change. Her aim has always been to fully support women on their journey to discovering a life of hope, meaning, happiness and healthy relationships.

A typical consultation with Dani will involve questions around priorities, discovering a client’s strengths and passions, and a quest to balance responsibilities with ongoing personal growth.

Kate, one of Dani’s former client’s, admits, “I’ve often found change to be extremely stressful and anxiety-provoking, even changes that are for the better. Dani’s calming presence and helpful guidance has helped me to move forwards on the path towards change with the feeling of hope rather than anxiety. The coaching process worked really well for me.”

Dani is offering THE GLOSS readers a free 30-minute consultation. It’s a unique opportunity to see if coaching would be worthwhile for you. To find out more about this visit app.namastream.com/dani-sheil.

Dani is also hosting a luxury yoga retreat, open to all levels, on the Greek island of Amorgos from September 8 – 16. This week includes yoga, meditation and breathing exercises to encourage relaxation and rejuvenation. There are still a few places remaining on this retreat. For more information visit www.danisheil.com.


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