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This New H&M Collaboration Offers Luxury Tailoring At High Street Prices


Combining recycled and organic fabrics with traditional tailoring techniques, it’s time to suit up in this new collection from Giuliva Heritage X H&M this autumn …

Our work wardrobes have been gathering dust over the past few months, but with many employees tentatively stepping back into office life even part-time – not to mention the transition into a new season – it’s time again to make some simple updates to our 9-5 looks. And we’ve found just the right collection to help you ease back into workwear. In fact, even if you are continuing to work from home, a tailored blazer is possibly the easiest Zoom look you’ll come across – throw it on over whatever top you are wearing, add a pair of earrings and some lipstick and you are good to go.

High street tailoring this season doesn’t come any better than H&M’s latest collaboration with Giuliva Heritage. The Italian brand launched just three years ago is renowned for its expertly crafted styles made from sustainable materials using traditional Italian manufacturing practices. Run by husband and wife duo Gerardo Cavaliere and Margherita Cardell, the idea behind the brand was to bring exquisite tailoring to a ready-to-wear audience. Designed in Rome and made in Naples, with a slow ethos behind its production, the brand offers the type of lifelong garments we’d all love to own, wear forever, and pass down through generations.

This collaboration is not a typical choice for H&M (who has previously collaborated with big-name labels like Balmain, Versace and Alexander Wang) but it signifies a shift in priorities for the brand – and a move towards what its customers really value now: slower fashion, smaller brands, a focus on craft and design. The H&M brand has long made its sustainability plans known (though questions have been raised about the feasibility of legitimate sustainable collections within constantly moving high-street brands) and it seems that more and more the brand is vying for the attention of the would-be sustainable customer, who cares about the ethics and origins of its purchases but whose budget is firmly within the high street price range and so is often priced out of sustainable mid-market brands. Another collaboration with up-and-coming Beirut-based brand Sandra Mansour will be released later this week, further cementing H&M’s space in this arena.

But why would Giuliva Collection, who pride themselves on intricately created pieces, made using traditional menswear tailoring techniques and designed to last a lifetime team up with a high street brand whose practices seem to go against their own? Visibility is the obvious answer. While the young brand has been picked up by Net-a-Porter and Matches Fashion, it is yet to achieve mass appeal. A collaboration with one of the largest fashion brands in the world is likely to get them noticed. But there were some elements the duo would not compromise on when designing the collection. Speaking about the decision to work on the collaboration, the designers were adamant that their use of sustainable fabrics wasn’t jeopardised: “We were especially delighted to use recycled materials with every look. We have always been passionate about authentic, meaningful fashion that lasts, and this collection undoubtedly captures that.”

Due to launch on September 3, the collection will feature a range of double- and single-breasted blazers, tailored trousers, shirts and shirtdresses, knitwear, as well as a sleeveless belted trench that is guaranteed to be a top seller, with prices starting from €19.99. As is typical of Giuliva Heritage, the collection was produced using carefully sourced fabrics including recycled wool, recycled polyester and organic cotton. For those who value and admire the craft behind Giuliva Heritage but who couldn’t generally afford one of their forever pieces, this collection offers an opportunity to get your hands on a piece by the most-coveted tailors on Instagram right now – at a fraction of the price.

H&M X Giuliva Heritage will be available to purchase at H&M Dame Street, Dublin 2  and online on September 3.


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