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This Italian Brand Is A Best-Kept Secret Of Jewellery Lovers

The cognoscenti knows the value of an ingenious, elegant FOPE piece …

You may not have heard about FOPE, yet, but that’s all about to change. Until now, the rather under-the-radar company, created by the Cazzola family in Vincenza in Italy in 1929, has been gradually expanding its reach and is now stocked in around 50 countries, including Ireland, where Weirs, Keanes and Hartmanns, among others, have been steadily building their FOPE clientele. FOPE is a collection for lovers of low-key luxury, design and craftmanship. It’s a jewellery collection for those in the know. If you have a discerning lover of jewellery to buy for this Christmas, consider a piece from FOPE’s Luna collection.


Originally a family goldsmith making bands for watches, FOPE’s singular clever and unique innovation catapulted the brand to the forefront of jewellery-making and has made the brand successful over its long history. The Cazzolas’ ingenious idea of inserting tiny, hidden 18ct gold springs between links of gold mesh produced a super-stretchy bracelet band for watches. The band retained its shape and lent glamour and elegance to high quality watches. Demand grew for FOPE’s innovation and the small company expanded.


What would happen if the patented innovation would lend itself to a collection of uniquely stylish jewellery? In the 1980s, the Cazzola family began making jewellery which was quickly adopted by some of Italy’s most discerning. Gradually, FOPE was stocked in jewellers all over Italy – every elegant woman owned something by FOPE, whether a smart everyday piece or one that might be worn for special events and occasions. FOPE had become a household name.


Many Irish clients first bought FOPE pieces on a trip to Italy in the 1980s and are now handing down those pieces to their lucky daughters – and sons (most FOPE bracelets and rings can be also worn by men.) At Weirs, for instance, several mothers and daughters are enjoying FOPE together, one generation introducing FOPE to the next and encouraging her to start her collection. As FOPE has expanded, many new collections have been added and there are more pieces to choose from, whether a single chic gold ring, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or necklace. The beauty of FOPE is its timelessness: a piece from a current collection will work perfectly well with a vintage piece. In yellow, white and rose gold, variations also include very special diamond-set pieces. FOPE fans describe how comfortable the pieces are, how they become like a second skin, and how they love their modernity and design impact.


If, like those women, you consider jewellery to be a piece of wearable art, you will appreciate the care and craftsmanship that goes into each special FOPE piece. FOPE jewellery looks as cool and appropriate with jeans and a white shirt as with an evening dress. These are pieces you’ll reach for day after day. It’s no wonder the world’s fashion press have recently zeroed in on FOPE pieces – they make an understated statement. And a cool Luna bracelet is top of every chic fashion editor’s wishlist right now.


FOPE’s new Luna collection is very special. Luna pieces are made from gold chunky mesh chain, which is made flexible thanks to the tiny hidden gold springs of the comfortable and resilient Flex’it system. The bracelet rolls easily onto one’s wrist and sits comfortably, retaining its shape. The Luna collection also includes the first Flex’it necklace ever, designed to be worn as a choker but also available in the standard 43cm length. Thanks again to the clever design of the Flex’it system, the necklace also keeps its beautiful round shape when worn.

The best way to experience a FOPE Flex’it piece is to try it on. The joy of investing in FOPE is twofold: the joy of discovering the innovative brand – and the pleasure of wearing a timeless, elegant piece of clever Italian design forever.

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