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These Expertly Designed Kitchen Coffee Stations Will Make Mornings Run Smoother

Colder and darker mornings mean a greater need for caffeine – or so we tell ourselves. Make your morning coffee ritual extra special with your own kitchen coffee station…

Our coffee routine is a very personal, ritualistic and well rehearsed dance, and we believe it is one that demands to be celebrated. Coffee can get our day started, it can keep us going during the afternoon slump or it can be the perfect catalyst for a catch up with friends. So why not curate an idyllic corner, cabinet or countertop space for our beloved hot drink? A mug rack, coffee cabinet, countertop space, or built-in machine can all help to create a useful coffee storage system in the kitchen. Even the smallest of spaces can have a coffee station – if it’s designed with function in mind. Scroll our coffee station inspiration, fill your KeepCup up and get going…


Neptune cabinets can be designed and fitted to your needs exactly. This gorgeous teal cabinet has sliding doors to make it more of a feature for the coffee station that lies within. The sliding doors also mean the station can be kept open and you won’t have anyone bumping into a door jutting out as you relaxedly curate your dream cup. @neptunehomeofficial


This one is for all of the baristas out there. When the art of coffee is your priority – your coffee station demands bringing out the big guns. An industrial coffee machine, milk frother, coffee grinder and mug shelf will cover the essentials.


You can incorporate a coffee station into your space subtly (and without using up too much counter space) by placing your machinery on the counter and using open shelving above it. Open shelving is great storage for those who have a favourite mug or cup and saucer set they would like to display.


This beautiful naturally lit kitchen has a substantial prep space underneath the kitchen window. Placing a coffee station in this empty space is a practical way to use it, instead of bombarding it with potential clutter. What better way is there to start the morning, than with your freshly brewed cup of coffee and a beautiful view?


Some of us coffee connoisseurs don’t need all of the bells and whistles and a simple but well designed coffee machine, with a hanging place for a mug, will do. This keeps the open prep space uncluttered and caters to your needs exactly. As we have said before – coffee is personal – no judgements here.


A coffee bar undeniably elevates the coffee-time experience. This is the perfect presentation for when friends visit – no opening of cabinets, or snatching of mugs and biscuits necessary. There’s only room for coffee prep and good conversation at this perfect station. Go on, spill the tea!


Enjoy a café au lait or a perfectly executed espresso with Siemens EQ700 automatic espresso machine. This machine allows you to travel the globe through coffee without having to leave the house. Be sure to have a peak at Siemens built-in coffee machines also;


We love to see this dedication to the coffee cause. For those of us who love the ‘extras’ that come with coffee; the syrups, the mocha pots, the grinders, the mugs, KeepCups and everything in between… a capacious coffee spot in your sliding door pantry, like this expertly designed cabinet, is the perfect way to store them all.


Curved kitchen features have a place in our hearts – especially when combined with coffee. This beautiful horizontally tiled, floating shelved and baby blue cabinet coffee station is exactly the epic design your at-home coffee station deserves.

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