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Curvy Kitchen Additions That Create A Free-Flowing Space

These curvy kitchen additions help turn an ordinarily linear space into one that is unique, free-flowing and elegant …

We have always said that the kitchen is the room where you spend most time and therefore you need to make sure it reflects you, your style and your requirements. Curves are a clever design choice and a fun way to add personality to your kitchen. They enhance the flow of a room in a major way. A curved cabinet, archway or shelf undeniably creates a free-flowing feeling in what is ordinarily a streamlined, linear system. Curves in all their shapes and sizes make a space feel organic, cosy and welcoming – especially when adorned with beautiful homeware and painted in joyful colours.


“Love your curves!” Say the people of Colin Maher Design. Handleless doors sprayed in vibrant blue with white quartz, perfectly complement the fabulous sea views you can see in this kitchen. The designers have emulated a wave with the curved cabinetry sweeping across the space. The island’s corners even retain the curvy theme and the centrepiece adds a sweetness to the space.


The maximalist design of curves, colours and patterns in this kitchen make it the fun and lively space it is. This space was transformed from an ordinary kitchen into a personalised, whimsical space to cook, eat and entertain with this custom candystriped curvy shelving. The chairs tucked under the rounded countertop coherently tie in with the overall aesthetic. @designlovefest @spauldingcompany


Replacing a corner or edge with a curve is easily done and makes a huge difference to the space. It can be incorporated anywhere; in the archways, windows and doorways, generating a free-flowing feeling and adding a creative and personal flair to the room. Interior doors by: @ldsherm Image: @sarahshermansamuel


This design focuses on efficient and highly adaptable uses of space, with plenty of concealed storage. The encasing of the splashback in natural wood boasts organic architecture that strategically delineates service and play in a dynamic way. We can already picture friends gathering for Friday night wine around the curved island!


Pill-shaped islands are a roaring trend at the moment. Ergonomically and practically they make total sense. It is the perfect centre feature for social gatherings with friends and family. The natural and light Calacatta Black Vein Marble used to make this Miller Brothers countertop helps achieve the bright and contemporary feeling in this kitchen.


With bespoke designs it is possible to create grand sweeping curves or slight ones – whatever your design preference. This service station is rounded off tastefully by these sharp curved edges encasing the space – making it cosy and less severe than linear forms. The team of experts at Arena Kitchens will help you create a space that fits your lifestyle perfectly. @arenakitchens


If you’ve already completed your kitchen redesign – not to worry. Curves and grooves can be incorporated through fun additions like free standing furniture or shelves, like in this British Standard Kitchen. Although a small feature, this curvy shelf livens up the room.


O’Connors of Drumleck kitchens design spaces which are perfectly orientated around family time, for example, this one! The wooden curved countertop addition is the perfect counterpart for this L-shaped island. Family, friends and party-goers can gather around easily whether they stand or sit. Ergonomically the curve works for busy houses and for generating a more cohesive standing space.


Incorporating an archway as the access into a walk-in pantry is a modern and cool design choice.


When it comes to inserting appliances in a curvy kitchen, it is always a good idea to talk to an expert. Seek product advice from Siemens; make an appointment here;

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