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The Mighty Matte Lip Trend We’re Wearing Now

You want punchy colour but without the drying effect? Meet the new light and lasting lip colours that are putting the moisture back into matte …

While summer tends to see a rush on subtle lipbalms and glosses, for a healthy-looking glow to go with freckles and sun-warmed skin. But for now, we still want a hit of strong colour. And those of us who love a punchy, full-strength lip colour are finding that mattes are getting moisturised. Forget the ultra-drying paint-on formulas that work only if you’re 20. Personally, as much as I fancy wearing them, I find things like Huda or Kylie liquid mattes like a sponge, leaching all the moisture from your lips while you wear them, as if you’d painted on poster paint which then tightens and cracks.

Welcome the new punchy liquid lip colours that last well but also deliver some lip care into the bargain. These modern iterations tend to have added hydrating ingredients such as rose oil (Ford) or extra hyaluronic acid or Moringa butter (Lauder) to ease the comfort and make them feel more buttery, while holding firm on the colour hit. I like the way you can see instantly what colour these are too, clearly visible on or through the tube, so no digging around in your bag to try and locate the colour you want.

Here are five modern liquid mattes we’ve tried out and rate:


I love the texture of these Estee Lauder Pure Colour Whipped Matte Lip Colours, in a coloured tube with rabbit-foot applicator for precision – though you can also dab on with a finger for a softer finish. In twelve fruity shades, €33. Try also Nars Air Matte Lip Colour (€31.50), the same idea but in brighter, perhaps more daring colours. Ideally go for brilliant hot red Dragon Girl; it works so well tapped on as a lip stain, too.


I’ve mentioned MAC’s Locked Kiss Ink (€32 at Brown Thomas) longlasting lip colours in the magazine, and love the bright almost neon colours, which are easier to wear (blended in) than they might at first look. Softer and creamier than the previous (catwalk-brilliant) Retro Matte Liquid lip colours, which are very sassy but a little harder to wear.


They describe this longwear Tom Ford Liquid Lip Luxe Matte, €51, as having an “elastic” finish and I get that – it’s certainly blendable and soft, while delivering a serious punch of sophisticated colour. In ten shades.


Delivering saturation and shine, Byredo’s Liquid Lipstick Vinyl, €45, come in browny pinks and skintone shades (plus a lush berry, Molasses). Expect an absolute whack of pigment that sits lightly on the lips. (I also seriously rate the lipsticks, similarly punchy and non-drying; Transported is one of my current absolute favourites, €45, in its heavy, wonky bullet – kind of old-school glamour made modern). Luxe and a litte edgy.

… And there’s another new one on the way from one of the biggest beauty brands (embargoed until June), part of this move towards softer, blendable punchy colour – watch this space …


A little different, I’m also enjoying the little tube of Free Style Multi-Tasking Colour by The Body Shop – a tiny bit goes a long way and works on both lips and cheeks.

All at counters nationwide.


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