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The Gold, Silver and Bronze Options: Body Creams

Discover the body creams that are genuinely worth taking the time to apply …

Body creams cause me a conundrum. I love them and I’m fatally drawn to the luscious pots of buttery cream – there’s something irresistible about the velvety textures of the best ones, and they promise glossy, softly scented limbs at all times. The reality, though, is unused pots languishing in the bathroom, and desert-dry legs and arms. It takes time to do a bit of body care – my current compromise is putting cream on my legs while watching Wimbledon highlights in the evening, or else the Wham! documentary (so, so good, and moving too – definitely worth a watch). The ultimate in multitasking.

To get the best results, by the way, listen to Agnes – the skincare expert is a proponent of dry body brushing, one of the simplest ways to exfoliate and condition your skin without a huge amount of effort.

Here are the body creams that I think are genuinely worth taking the time to apply. They score highly, in my opinion, on texture – they’re quick and easy to apply, and sink in to the skin without feeling greasy or heavy – and scent (not too much, but just enough). There’s a choice of perfumed ones, to enhance the scent you’re wearing, and plainer, but equally hard-working creams. I love a glam glass pot, but a tube is arguably more efficient/hygienic. Here are the top-tier options:


For an affordable, versatile option, I always return to old chestnut Dr Bronner’s Orange-Lavender Organic Body Lotion. Certified fair trade, with a load of good natural oils, including coconut, jojoba, avocado, orange, hemp and lavender, it’s gently fragrant – the mix of orange plus lavender means it’s somehow relaxing and brightening at the same time. There’s a crazy amount of writing on the bottle – the only bit you really need to know is that this light lotion is vegan-friendly, certified fair trade and bottled in 100 per cent PCR plastic. A generous 240ml for €14.50 at stockists nationwide including

I also rate Aesop’s stylish tubes of body balm – who could resist the citrussy Rind Concentrate? €33 at Dopl in Dublin, which also, incidentally, has the widest range of Birkenstocks I’ve ever seen – it’s a better selection than in the Covent Garden store in London. Lovely and friendly staff, too.


A healthy option is Iva Natura’s Revitalising Body Lotion (€14.45), which has lots of good credentials – it’s vegan-friendly, Cosmos Organic and free from synthetic fragrance and phthalates. You’ll really feel the natural ingredients such as olive oil, rose water, argan oil and ginger extract. I plan to try out the rest of the range, including foot cream, shower gel with green tea, and lavender shower gel, plus haircare, all in these soft lavender-coloured bottles. Iva Natura is a range that’s grown and manufactured in Turkey, with some 80 acres of local farm land, distributed by Irish company Cooley, based in Co Louth. At

And for a good mid-range body cream, don’t forget about Voya’s Buoyancy Luxury Body Butter – it’s divine, with a whipped, fluffy texture. €40,


Indulge in the Dr Barbara Sturm body cream (read more about this luxury skincare brand here), in its wonderful chunky round bottle with pump (500ml), or tube (200ml, €95 at Space Nk). It’s an investment, but it’s a rather magical combination of ingredients formulated with the latest technology, and it feels cloud-soft and velvety on the skin. Also Venn Probiotic Hydro Firming Body Cream is supremely lovely to use, as it should be for €100.

If you’d rather have a perfumed cream that ties in with your fragrance, the Chanel body creams in your favourite scent, whether Coco Mademoiselle or Gabrielle (from €86) are always elegant. I have a soft spot for Coco Noir, and found a bottle of the body lotion online at (€60, 200ml). Or maybe you’re a Byredo Gypsy Water wearer. €65 at Cult Beauty.

Main featured image: Missoni via Jason Lloyd Evans.

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