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The Gift Of Time Spent Together – Why Coffee With Mum Is One Of Our Favourite Rituals

It’s a simple notion, but this Mother’s Day, maybe the gift mums would like most is the gift of time with their daughters …

Do you and your mum have a weekly or monthly ritual where you catch up over a coffee? Do you meet at your house, in a café or on a walk? Is this time when you share worries, hopes, dreams, laughs? Has this time together altered since you had your own children or since your own life got busier – or more complicated?

It’s a simple notion, but this Mother’s Day, maybe the gift mums would like most is the gift of time with their daughters. Make time for a coffee with your mum this week or next.

We asked four women to tell us about the time they treasure with their mums. We would like to hear from you too. This Mother’s Day, share your story via email to or on Instagram @theglossmag


Founder and CEO of Stories Parfums, Tonya Kidd-Beggs and her mum, Jill Edgar

My mum and I are extremely close: she is my greatest confidante and the one whose words I trust most. We live about 50 minutes’ drive from each other. When my kids were young and I was a stay-at-home mum and living closer to her, I was able to see her many times a week. Our time together now is less frequent but much more meaningful.

Since she was 18 years old, Mum has been a fulltime carer to her older sister, my aunt. She rarely gets time to herself so a getaway is such a treat for her, as is getting out for a coffee. She adores time with my siblings and I more than any expensive gift. For her birthday I whisked her off to London with my own daughters. This time was very special. There is no-one who makes my belly hurt more from laughing. I definitely treasure these moments. My mother symbolises strength, dignity, wisdom, and kindness.


Knitwear designer Hope Macaulay and her mum, Lesley Macaulay

Mum and I have always had many special moments together and we regularly meet for a catch-up over coffee (Mum) and hot chocolate (me). But our most memorable moments are those when we sneak away from the rest of the family to discuss fashion.

One year we went to the Edinburgh Festival but instead of attending a performance, mum and I made a beeline for Harvey Nichols to have lunch in the rooftop restaurant and go shopping, while my sister and Dad went to see a play about Dr Who. When I was 13, Mum made me queue for three hours to see the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibition in New York. This turned out to be one of the most mesmerising and memorable experiences with mum (after I forgot about my sore feet!). Experiences like these allow us to remain close, explore our hopes for the future and get excited about our dreams.

Mum’s been integral to the growth and success of my knitwear brand. She is the knitting coordinator and travels all over Northern Ireland delivering the wool to and collecting knitwear pieces from the knitters – we have 17 now. She helped me set up the business in the beginning and has always been a big support, for which I will be forever grateful.

Founder and CEO of Seahorse Media, Debbie O’Donnell and her mum, Catherine O’Donnell

Mother’s Day is always a special day for me; the perfect opportunity to take time to pause and celebrate my beautiful mum, putting her fully in the spotlight for one very special day. Nothing makes me prouder than to hear someone say “You’re so like your mum!”

We love going to afternoon tea in the Montenotte Hotel when I’m in Cork, or the tea rooms at the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork City.

I was born eight weeks prematurely and had to spend a long time in neo-natal care before I was allowed home. When I was eventually discharged mum wouldn’t let me out of her sight and needless to say, it created an incredible bond between us. We have an almost telepathic connection that hasn’t faded over many decades and across great distances.

My mum was – and still is – the background support that keeps me going. She dropped me to my first disco (a long time ago!), wiped away the tears of my first heartbreak and was there to support this crazed, sleep-deprived woman when I had my first son Marcus. She has always been there for me and remains a strong, independent woman with the sharpest wit and she can still keep me on my toes! If I am an ounce the woman that my mother is, I’ll be doing well.

Consultant and Producer Barbara Loftus and her mother, Mary Loftus

Time spent with my mother Mary is a joy! Although a Monkstown to Mayo size distance separates us, it ensures our catch-ups are extra special.

We see each other every month or more. Mum is always ready for an adventure or trying a new hotspot; her zest for life is undimmed at 85. But the times spent chatting over a coffee the happiest – at home in the kitchen or at our favourite café. Those times are what I miss most when we are apart.

A mother of six, great-grandmother, foster mother and provider of love, help and support to countless others, Mum is an exceptional woman from an exceptional generation of women. I soak up her wisdom and advice, her stories and her sayings. We discuss life, style, current affairs – she’s always up to date – and we share our thoughts and concerns. Since my twins arrived, her parenting advice has been rock solid, not to mention her sense of fun and playfulness with them. I just hope I can impart some of this to my own children.

Mum is always admired when we are out and about, and people ask what her secret is. She says it’s optimism – I’ll add in gratitude and faith. Her greatest gift is her ability to make everyone feel special. Our time together is precious and I am privileged to call her my mother and best friend.

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